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It’s officially the cold season and we no longer have the wonderful warmth of UV rays bouncing off our faces – unless you’re lucky enough to be on a winter holiday in an exotic location!

With colder weather, harsher winds and shorter days, the winter months can really take its toll on your skin. There is never a more important time of the year for skincare than throughout winter, as our skin dries out and the environmental factors begin to do damage to our faces.

Don’t let winter win – you can fight back and protect your skin with a few additional steps into your daily routine. Here is a list of our top winter skincare tips and the best products available to combat cold weather. You’ll thank us later!

Moisturise Up

One of the biggest damages which colder weather causes for your skin is dryness. Cold weather, icy winds and not a touch of sunlight in sight – our skins are obviously going to dry out and lose moisture. Moisturising is always important and should be done throughout the year; however it is even more vital throughout the winter season to bring back some radiance into your skin which the colder air has rudely taken away.

Keeping on top of your skin throughout winter could be as simple as moisturising twice a day – in the morning when you awake, and just before bed. This takes little to no time from your day and is sure to make a difference to your skin, if you’re using the correct products.

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Our recommendation is Clinique Moisture Surge, a powerful moisturiser which will penetrate your skin and add real radiance to your face. Unlike many moisturisers which add slight grease to your face which will remain for a few seconds, this powerful moisturiser deeply absorbs into your skin and leaves thoroughly moisturised for 72 hours – good luck to any form of weather which tries to fight against this moisturiser!

 Create a Summer Glow

There is nothing better than summer skin – dewy, bronzed and incredibly fresh! Who says you can’t enjoy radiant and glowing skin all-year-round? A change in season shouldn’t stop your skin from glowing, and with these little tips you can ensure summer skin is here to stay.

Throughout the winter months your skin will lose natural shine as there is a serious lack in vitamin whilst the sun is away. This simply means we need to put a little extra effort into the maintenance of our skin, which doesn’t have to be complicated! You can create a natural summer’s glow through exfoliation, which can be done daily whilst in the shower or bath as part of your everyday routine.

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We love Bio Glow Face & Body Scrub and could not be without it during the winter months. Exfoliation with this product removes dry and dead skin which develops from the harsh weather conditions, whilst buffing out your skin to leave a natural shine. Winter? We don’t know her!

Banish Tired Eyes

You’re lying if you say winter does not take its toll on you. Summer seems like a lifetime away and we can barely remember what daylight looks like. In the true winter months, our days are incredibly short which can cause tiredness and fatigue.

Naturally, when we are feeling tired we wear it as a mask – eye bags begin to show and wrinkles can become more prominent. You don’t just have to accept tiredness as your new look, there are little saviours out there to help you!  L’Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Cream will be your best friend throughout the winter season – a simple application throughout the night can work wonders for your tired skin to fight back against the shorter days and the seasonal drain. If you need a little extra help in the eye area, the Nuxe Merveillance Expert Lifting Serum is sure to brighten up those under-eyes and offer protection for the most fragile part of skin on your body.  

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Now that’s out of the way, you can look forward to the party season and looking incredible throughout the winter months. Skincare doesn’t have to break the bank. Find all of these branded skincare products and more with savings up to 70% off the RRP at TJ Hughes in our Beauty range. Remember, investing in yourself is the biggest investment there is – protect your skin!