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January is the month for fresh starts, resolutions and swearing off the junk food that we’ve managed to accumulate over Christmas. It’s also the month where we are inundated with new diets, gym memberships and ‘must have’ gadgets to help transform your mind and body. It’s easy to get sucked into the hype, but if you don’t fancy spending the next month miserably munching on a bag of kale, you need to consider exactly what you want to achieve with ‘New Year, New You’.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of the things you love, it may mean cutting back and exploring some new food options, but you should enjoy yourself and look forward to getting creative in the kitchen. There are hundreds of gadgets that we’re told we have to have in order to achieve those Instagram worthy #healthyeating snaps, but which ones do you actually need?

We’ve put together a list of the essential kitchen items for kickstarting a healthy new you, the ones that you won’t find stashed away at the back of a cupboard this time next year! From healthy fryers and grills to slow cookers and steamers – we have everything you need, all with massive savings on RRP!

Easy Veg

There’s no getting around the fact that a healthy lifestyle includes getting your 5-a-day! Whether you love veg or you dread having to add it to your Sunday roasts, it’s important to keep trying new ways to add essential nutrients to your diet. Spiralizers have become a kitchen must have, letting you create spirals of your favourite veg in minutes. Swap your normal spaghetti for courgetti, add carrot ribbons to a lunchtime salad or swap your normal potato for spirals of delicious sweet potato curls. The Morphy Richards Electric Spiralizer is one of our favourite electric spiralizers, the sleek design ensures it will look great in your kitchen, helping you create nutritious meals for the whole family, all year round!


A Healthy Blend

Last year you couldn’t move for healthy smoothie recipes. Everywhere you looked there was another ‘green juice’ that promised to miraculously cleanse your insides and give you a natural energy boost. Underneath all of the hype, the rise of smoothie makers and blenders helped many families add fresh fruit to their diets. Even the simplest of smoothie recipes can help add essential nutrients and vitamins to your day to day lifestyle, especially if you, or your kids, aren’t fans of eating whole fresh fruit. Smoothie makers are a must have for any kitchen, whether it’s for creating a healthy breakfast, blitzing some fast lunchtime soups, or inventing delicious blended desserts. Having one in your kitchen means that there’s no excuse to let that fruit bowl go to waste, chuck in your favourites and get creative with your concoction!
Our pick of the bunch: Salter Nutri Pro 1000


Steam Fresh

Let’s be honest, sometimes the idea of cooking a healthy, homemade meal can seem a little time consuming. When we have so many convenient options packing the supermarket shelves, why would we want to create a huge pile of pots and pans to tackle after the meal? Steamers are a great option for those looking to save on time, and washing up! With a steamer you can cook meat, vegetables, rice, potatoes and much more, with stackable baskets to steam foods at the same time and retain all of those important vitamins and minerals. Steaming is a healthy way to create all of the dishes you love, plus the compact design of this Russell Hobbs Collec Steamer means you can easily store it in the kitchen. If you’re a fan of no-fuss cooking, a steamer is one gadget you cannot afford to live without


No Fuss Dinners

We still have a long way to go before we start putting away our winter coats and knitwear, but don’t let winter get you down – enjoy the excuse to fill up on hearty winter warmers. Perfect for those that are out of the house all day, slow cookers are an easy way to prepare delicious family sized dishes, packed full of your essential, healthy ingredients. You can use your slow cooker to create almost anything, from mouthwatering meat joints to soups and stews packed with rich flavours. Most meals require minimal effort, simply throw in your meat, veg, sauce and seasoning and leave to cook while you go about your day. There really is no better feeling than stepping through the door on a cold day and knowing you have a delicious meal ready and waiting! We love this 3.5 litre Crock Pot, big enough for up to three people and dishwasher safe, it also comes with a slow cooker recipe book to give you some culinary inspiration.


Who says you can’t indulge?

Some days, you just really want chips! The ultimate comfort food, chips are the perfect pick me up after a long day, but they don’t really fit in with your new healthy lifestyle – do they? Thanks to revolutionary new technology, you can now enjoy your favourite dish without worrying about the high fat content. The Tefal Actifry has become a firm favourite in kitchens across the country, creating crispy, fresh chips with just a spoonful of oil! The hot air system ensures that all chips are cooked to perfection, plus you can watch them get crisp and golden through the transparent viewing window. Along with chips, you can create a whole host of other dishes in the Actifry, including curries, stir fries and much more. The sleek design will also ensure this gadget gets pride of place on the kitchen counter!


The original lean, mean machine

We couldn’t create a list of must have healthy eating gadgets without featuring the best loved ‘lean, mean, grilling machines!’ The George Foreman range has transformed how many of us cook our dishes, offering a healthy alternative to frying and a speedier alternative to traditional grilling. The thick grill plates on this George Foreman 2 portion grill will provide fast, even results and the robust design ensures it’s build to last. If you’re short on time and looking to create a quick, healthy meal, the George Foreman range is the ideal addition to your kitchen.


Do you have healthy gadgets that you can’t life without? Share your recipes and your favourite kitchen essentials with us on the TJ Hughes Facebook account, with massive savings on RRP you can transform your kitchen with cheap healthy gadgets that you can use all year round.