HalloweenJason Koppel

With the return of Autumn comes everyone’s favourite celebration of all things dead, haunted, zombified and downright spooky! What better way to celebrate the festival of Halloween than to throw the ultimate celebration, full of food, drink, traditional games and of course, fancy dress?! Halloween is a celebration of all things weird and wonderful, from the dark and magical world of witches and zombies to the supernatural tales of ghosts and ghouls, so here are a few weird and wonderful ways that you can make this year’s party truly spooktastic!

Make your own ‘Potions’

Instead of just providing your guests with regular food and drink just like you would at any other party, why not go that extra mile and create some Halloween themed goodies for everyone to enjoy – remember the more unappealing the better! A fun way to serve drinks is disguise them as potions. From strawberry slush cocktails disguised as blood and guts to green super smoothies disguised as green monster slime, there is plenty you can do with a little creativity. Simply use a Juicer, blender or cocktail shaker to create weird and wonderful flavours and colours, stash them in mason jars and label them as appropriate! From Zombie’s blood to Pumpkin Juice, the possibilities are endless!

Set a Theme

Of course, every Halloween party has a spooky theme to follow, but to make things a little more interesting, you could get more specific with the type of costume you’d like from your guests! Ideas for a uniquely themed Halloween party include creating your own murder mystery setup with ‘whodunnit’ clues and one guilty guest or pick your favourite horror film and ask guests to come dressed as the characters. Another great idea is to go traditional. Instead of zombies and monsters, ask guests to don their best Victorian costumes and have fun exploring old-fashioned pastimes such as telling old ghost stories under candlelight and of course, apple bobbing!

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

Decorations can totally transform your cosy, homely aesthetic into a totally haunted house, complete with scary butlers, bats and cobwebs! Take your party to the next level with Halloween balloons, animated figurines, bloody footprints on the floor and light up pumpkins to really set the scene and give your guests the fright of their lives! The more decorations, the better!

Put a Twist on Traditional Games

Traditional Halloween games including apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, trick or treat and Ghost in the Graveyard shouldn’t be forgotten about when it comes to Halloween! As well as playing these, why not create your own games for the party! Creating your own games doesn’t have to be expensive and ideas include filling Halloween buckets with different ingredients, blindfolding players and asking them to guess what’s inside (the yuckier the better) or a spooky pinata full of spiders and a pin the face on the pumpkin!

Paint those Faces

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with different make up looks, with an excuse to go all out when it comes to painting your face! Grab someone who knows their stuff and ask them to offer spooky face painting for guests – or, if you’re a dab hand with a brush, you can even do it yourself. From bottles of fake blood to black lipstick, fake vampire fangs and totally white face paint, the possibilities are endless when it comes to scary make up ideas!