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It’s that time of year again and as we look forward to receiving a love-filled Valentine’s Day gift, we also dread the thought of buying the same for our other half. Valentine’s shopping for a man can be very challenging, especially when keeping below a certain budget – do you go meaningful or ironic?

Don’t worry, we have done the hard work for you and compiled this gift guide for Valentine’s Gifts for Him (On a Budget), offering the best budget Valentine’s gifts for all personalities and budget ranges. From big branded fragrances to quirky gadgets, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your loved one below…

If in Doubt, Fragrances

There is a reason why fragrances are such popular gifts – you simply cannot go wrong. Picking a big branded fragrance for a Valentine’s gift doesn’t have to break the bank, despite what you may think. You can grab a luxurious Calvin Klein CKIN2U men’s fragrance in a huge 150ML bottle for a bargain at TJ Hughes. Click here to save 44% in our exclusive offer now!  

Fragrances can be a matter of taste, so gift-buying is even easier if you already know your partner’s go-to fragrance. If not, always go for the popular fragrances and brands, as these tend to be popular for a reason and are sure to smell divine.

For the Fashion-Lovers

Perhaps you are planning a big night out this Valentine’s Day and want to treat your loved one to something nice to wear? There can be nothing quite as daunting as choosing some clothing for your partner – which is why it is always the safest option to go for something simple.

We recommend the Hutson Harbour range at TJ Hughes. Not only is it sophisticated and perfect for a Valentine’s evening out, you can even purchase an entire outfit for less than £23!  This formal shirt paired with some grey trousers can be the perfect, simple outfit for your partner.

Small & Meaningful

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to show your loved one that you care. Something small can suffice for a Valentine’s gift, if chosen correctly. Part of what Valentine’s Day is all about is celebrating the time spent together as a couple – incorporating your own personal experiences and memories into a gift can make something great.

You will find plenty of Valentine’s Day gifting across all stores lately, and whilst the traditional supermarket Valentine’s gifts can be a convenient option, it’s always best to go for something personal. This Valentine’s Photo Frame is an easy, but meaningful, option – simply add a photo  of you and your partner and make it extra special. Also, at just £4.99, that leaves extra money for the big date.

Something Practical

After many years of giving gifts that turn out to be unused, it is common for couples to opt for more practical gifts that they know their partner will appreciate and find useful. If you are in the position and want to spoil your partner with an efficient gift, we have the perfect deal for you.

Currently, the Quest Deluxe Health Grill is 51% off at TJ Hughes. With a stainless steel finish, non-stick surface and an adjustable thermostat – this appliance is definitely top of the range. This gift may not be for everyone, but will certainly be meaningful for any man who cooks for a hobby.  

Something Fun

A common gift-giving strategy between couples on Valentine’s Day is through humour. Giving a small gift that will make your partner laugh or smile is what this holiday is all about. This is a great option if you’re keeping it under budget and doing ‘something small’ this year.

We have the perfect humorous Valentine’s gift for someone who is a mobile phone addict – a Jail Cell Lock Up. This may even come in handy if you are heading out for a nice meal this Valentine’s and want to enjoy some phone-free quality time together!

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Happy Valentine’s!