BathroomJason Koppel

We all have those days when things don’t quite go to plan and stress gets the better of us. Whether you’re running around after little ones, balancing family life and work, or simply caught up in life’s busyness, it’s important to look after yourself, as well as everyone else. A little me time will not only help to reduce your stress levels, but it will also give you the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself. Here are 5 simple ways to take some much-needed time out.

Wear Something Soft and Comforting

One of the easiest ways to feel calmer and more comfortable is to change into something soft and breathable. There are few things better than coming home from a busy day and changing into your favourite pair of pyjamas. The act of changing clothes almost symbolises the fact that you’re ready to relax and wind down for the day. Choose fabrics that are warm and soft, such as our fleece dressing gowns, or a pair of flannel pyjamas.

Light Some Candles

Candles are scientifically proven to soothe us and help promote relaxation. Watching the flame of a candle gently dance and flicker can focus your mind. Choose something that has a soft and inviting fragrance such as vanilla. Our Starlytes Vanilla Orchid Apothecary candle will help to create a calm bedroom environment and can be used as the only light in a room before you go to sleep. Always ensure all candles are fully extinguished before you nod off though.

Run a Bath

A bubble bath can instantly help you to unwind after a long day and soothe aches and pains. Run a bath around 30 minutes before bedtime and soak for around 20 minutes. Your body naturally needs to cool before you sleep, and a warm bath can raise your temperature and give your body the opportunity to cool more quickly afterwards, promoting a good night’s sleep. To really close off the world outside while you soak away your troubles, invest in a brand new shower curtain.


Pamper Yourself

You don’t need to pay for a massage to relax, you can easily give yourself a massage before bedtime and work away any knots from your shoulder and the back of your neck with your hands. All you need is a rich moisturiser or body oil. After a bubble bath or shower, pop on a dressing gown and spend 5 to 15 minutes massaging your neck, shoulders, and lower back. You’ll be surprised how relaxed you’ll feel. We have a fantastic range of moisturisers that will make this mini-massage even better. We love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, which is now available to buy online.


Take 5 Minutes to Focus Your Mind

You don’t have to meditate but by spending five minutes in a quiet and relaxing space, you can address what’s on your mind. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, some people find it really helpful to list each thing that is worrying them and ask themselves the following question:

Can you fix this?

If the answer is yes, great; you don’t need to worry anymore as it can be fixed, and you can focus your energy on the solution.

If the answer is no, great; this is out of your hands, so you don’t have to worry about this anymore!

Once you’ve gone through each worry or concern, take a couple of deep breaths and as you exhale imagine all your problems simply blowing away.

You should always make time for yourself and, thanks to TJ Hughes, you can now transform your bedtime routine to incorporate time to pamper yourself and relax. With plenty of body lotions, soft-touch pyjamas and candles to choose from, browse through our online collection and you can soon be on your way to a peaceful night’s sleep.