HalloweenAlex Bradburn

Trick-or-treating is a beloved Halloween tradition that gives kids the opportunity to run the show and collect endless amounts of treats. But what will Halloween look like this year? We don’t know for sure yet but with the pandemic still looming over us – trick-or-treating might no longer be an option.

Don’t Worry – this does not mean Halloween has to be cancelled. We at TJ’S have come up with 10 Fun trick-or-treating alternatives so all the family can celebrate safely- No one has to miss out!


Host a Virtual Halloween Party

Gather your friends and family and host a party over video chat! Dress up in costumes, create Halloween contests/ quizzes and celebrate together!

Family Halloween Movie Night

All the family can pick their favourite Halloween movies, dress up in costumes and have a movie marathon! Create a Halloween themed snack table to make it extra special and fun. Our Pop corn machine is the ultimate snack table essential!

Pop corn machine: £9.99

Trick-or-Treat Garden Scavenger Hunt

Hide Tricks-or-Treats around your Garden and then let your kids go hunting for them! Make it into a fun game by whoever finds the most treats wins a prize!  Or go the extra mile and create clues to where the treats are hidden.

Bake Halloween Treats

Baking night with the family is another great option, bake and decorate all sorts of treats! Check out our previous blog where we shared with you our favourite Halloween recipes to give you a little more treat over trick during this spooky season!

 Trick-or-Treat Indoors

Let the kids run around knocking on each door inside the house and have someone else in each room waiting to hand out the treats!  

Halloween Arts & Crafts

Create fun and simple Halloween decorations with a family arts & crafts night.  Check out our Art & Drawing sets that you can use at home when creating your Halloween decorations.

Crayola Silly Scents Art Case: £14.99

Pumpkin Carving Night

A Halloween tradition, carve pumpkins on the night and let everyone carve their own. Give out treats for who has the most creative pumpkin!

At-Home Haunted House

Why not turn part of your house into a Haunted House? Use TJ’s spooky props and accessories that come with creepy sound effects and lights to create your very own haunted room in your house. Dress up in costume and take it in turns walking through!

Animated Pop-Up Pumpkin: £24.99

Halloween Game Night

Why not opt to spend the night playing Halloween games? For younger children go for simple games such a pin the spider on the web or a scavenger hunt!

“Spot the Pumpkin” Trick-or-Treat

Get together with your neighbours and hang pumpkin pictures in your windows! Taking it in turn by household let the kids walk up and down the street. The aim is for them to spot the pumpkin and once they do you will give them a treat. This will let them still enjoy the trick-or-treating Halloween experience!