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Spring is in the air and here at TJ Hughes we’re ready and raring to get your home looking its best! Spring is a great time to stock up on all of those home essentials, replace things that are looking a little worn and make it easier to keep your home in top condition. From storage solutions to those must have kitchen accessories, you don’t have to spend a fortune to add big name brands to your home.

We’re put together your 2017 spring cleaning wishlist, helping you solve those pesky household problems and making your home feel fresh and clean!

Help! I can’t see the floor for dirty clothes.


Dirty clothes do seem to have a mind of their own, don’t they? Even though you’ve specifically put aside a space for people to put their laundry, it seems to multiply and take over the whole of the floor. If you’re fed up of trying to remember just what colour your bedroom carpet is, why not treat yourself to a new laundry basket? These 2 pack Beldray baskets are perfect for putting in the corner of rooms, plus the bright blue version will ensure that no one can claim that they ‘didn’t see it’.


If you’re little ones are forever forgetting to put their clothes away, or you’re struggling to reach those clothes on the top shelf, why not make it easier for them our handy step stool? Ideal for around the house, it’s non-slip, lightweight and very durable – perfect if you need to zip from room to room to clear up the chaos!

Help! The ironing pile is taller than me


At the end of a long week, the last thing you want to do is face breaking out the creaky old ironing board and hoping that your trusty old iron is working enough to banish those creases in your work shirts. Let’s be honest, no one likes having to tackle a huge pile of ironing – but if the job was made a little easier, you may find it takes less time that you think. At TJ Hughes we offer a wide range of top brand irons, all for much less that you would expect. With big hitters such as Morphy Richards, Russell Hobbs and Tefal available, you can zip through your weekly load with time to spare.

Of course, your iron is just one part of the challenge. If your ironing board takes multiple attempts to put it upright, or you’re just plain sick of the ratty old cover on the top – why not treat yourself to a brand new board. Yes, it’s not the most exciting purchase but we love this Beldray model with a gorgeous 100% cotton teal floral design. With non slip feet, a multi position iron rest and flat storage options, it’s a great way to brighten up the weekly chores!



Help! The windows are covered in sticky fingerprints


Windows can be one of the trickiest things to keep clean, especially if they’re constantly being touched by sticky fingers! If your little ones are leaving their mark on your windows, you’re going to a window vacuum cleaner. Using the latest technology, a steam window cleaner can be used to clean windows, showers, mirrors and tiles – offering convenience and best of all, a streak free clean!


We love the Vax Window Vac, which has a 30 minute run time that’s ideal for family homes. The pivoting head makes it easy to get that edge to edge clean, while the microfibre cleaning pads will make light work of even the most stubborn finger (or even paw) prints!

Help! My floors are covered in dust and dirt


If your vacuum cleaner has seen better days, it’s no surprise that the thought of cleaning the entire house would fill you with dread. An underperforming vacuum will cause as much damage as it’s supposed to be clearing up, simply moving dirt around and leaving you with a sore back from hours of lugging it around the home. This year, why not ditch the ‘dud’ and treat yourself to one of the latest top brand vacuums?

At TJ Hughes, we offer a wide range of top name vacuum brands including Morphy Richards, Vax, Hoover and everyone’s favourite, Henry! These new lightweight designs are ideal for zipping round the home, with powerful technology to ensure no speck of dust is left behind. All of our vacuum cleaners come with massive savings on RRP, so you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Our top picks from the current range include the Morphy RIchards Supervac Cordless Handstick, offering powerful cleaning without those pesky cables getting in the way. With a large 0.5 litre capacity, you can take advantage of increased cleaning time – without having to run to empty the dust cannister! Pet owners will know the pain of trying to get rid of pet hair from household carpets, which is why the Vax Quicklite Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect choice. Super speedy, versatile and with added attachments to get into every crevice, it’s ideal for busy homes. If you need something that’s effortlessly quick and easy to use, the Hoover 2 in 1 cleaner is your new best friend. With a removable handheld tool for cleaning upholstery and getting to hard to reach areas, it’s ideal for giving your home an express clean.

Help! How can I clear space in the kitchen.

If it’s been awhile since you actually noticed the colour of your kitchen worktops, maybe it’s time to look into decluttering! Adding a new kitchen storage system, or new kitchen accessories is a great way to update your kitchen, add a new focal colour and give you the motivation to keep things neat and tidy. We’ve picked some of our favourite sets to give your some 2017 inspiration!

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