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It’s a known fact that, during the colder, winter months, skin can begin to suffer with the harsh changes in weather. If not protected by a solid skincare routine, skin, particularly if sensitive already, can dry out and become tired looking, which in turn can mean that your make up doesn’t sit properly because your skin is insufficiently moisturised. A great skincare routine, using good quality, kind-to-skin products, can mean that your skin remains happy and balanced, even when the Great British Weather does its worst. If you’re struggling with your skin as the weather gets colder, here are a few tips to ensure that you’re purchasing the right products to keep it soft and glowing rather than dull, dry and tired looking.

Find a hydrating Day cream

Complexions can suffer significantly not only from being outside, in low temperatures, but also from sitting inside offices and homes that are centrally heated. The contrast between the cold weather outside and the artificial heat indoors means that skin can become dry and tight. A rich and luxurious day cream that can be worn alone, or applied under make up in the mornings, will ensure that skin has a barrier of protection from harsh weather elements. For kind-to-skin moisturisation, try looking for a product that is silicone and paraben free. Day cream is also great for applying underneath foundation, allowing for a smooth application and avoiding any settlement into pores. Applying a day cream in the mornings will help prevent your skin feeling tight – which can be worsened by cold weather. A timeless classic day cream, such as Dramatically Different by Clinique, has a famously thick formula which can protect vulnerable skin from harsh weather by locking in moisture for a supple and springy complexion, without causing excess oil.

Cleanse and Tone after a Day Outdoors

Whilst a simple facewash may clean the skin, the action of cleansing and toning is actually a lot more than that and is something that can be used to hydrate your complexion during colder months. Toning the skin can help to restore hydration after a day outside as well as nourish complexions with a range of different vitamins, ensuring the skin’s delicate PH balance is where it should be. Combine this with a hydrating cleanser for ultimate skin TLC in winter. When you need a little extra moisturisation, the best facial cleansers are milk-based options. Try the Clarins cleansing milk for oily skin or the sensitive cleansing milk by Dr Lewinns – both of which are effective at removing make up and impurities but are super gentle and ensure skin is sufficiently hydrated.

Wash Skin with Lukewarm Water

Whilst it might be tempting to bathe in piping hot water as the temperature dips outside, it’s important to remember that showering in high temperatures and failing to moisturise straight away can cause skin to dry out, which, when combined with cold weather, can then cause further issues such as cracked skin and eczema. Even if you’re planning a hot shower to warm up, when washing your face – keep the temperature down.

Exfoliators are great for the summer months when sweat and excess oil can build up on the skin but, in the winter, the scrubbing action can be a little harsh for the skin and may remove necessary oils to ensure adequate hydration. You may suffer from excess oil and in turn, acne, but there are a number of products you can use during the winter months, such as tea tree oil, that won’t draw the moisture out of the skin. Of course, using your regular exfoliator once a week is fine, but if you would like a gentler alternative, try products containing soothing Aloe Vera, such as Dr Lewinn’s Facial Polishing Gel.

Don’t let colder, winter weather negatively impact your skin; instead, protect it from the elements with a reliable skincare routine using products that you can trust. Shop TJ Hughes for fantastic prices on winter skincare must-haves.