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It’s that time of year again and once again, you’re struggling with choosing a gift. Despite love being very much in the air when February comes around, the desire to impress your loved one with something they’ll really appreciate can sometimes be a struggle – especially if your budget is fairly small. However, when it comes to showing appreciation, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful fragrance, whether it’s their old-time favourite scent or something new for them to try. At TJ Hughes, we have a fantastic bunch of budget-friendly fragrances from some big-name brands, solving your Valentine’s gift worries, in one simple click.

For Her

Whether she likes deep, rich fragrances including vanilla musk and notes of spice or prefers the fruity scent of something a little lighter, there is something to take her fancy in TJ Hughes perfume collection. If you’re unsure of her preferred scent, perhaps you can purchase a scent from her favourite brand or designer. Our recommendations for the ultimate Valentine’s treat are:

Lovestruck Floral Rush – Vera Wang £25.00

The clue is in the name with this little bottle of gorgeous scent by the talented Vera Wang. The fragrance includes notes of pink passion flower and sparkling champagne, making for a beautifully luxurious perfume. This scent is perfect for a girl that loves all things feminine and its beautiful bottle also makes for a great dressing table decoration.

Rush No.2 – Gucci £29.99

With base notes of blackcurrant and musk, this heavy, sexy scent is the perfect fragrance for the daredevil in your life. At just £29.99 this makes the perfect Valentines gift alone or can be paired up with some chocolates for the ultimate romantic treat. She can enjoy a light spritz for a daytime refresh or an all over spray for a special date night. However, she chooses to wear it, a little goes a long way with this luxury scent.

Divine Decadence – Marc Jacobs £54.99

Show her exactly how much she means to you with this indulgent creation by none other than Marc Jacobs. Both the rich base notes of vanilla, saffron and Amber as well as the beautiful design of the bottle make this an absolute must for the girl of your dreams this Valentine’s day. This gorgeous fragrance is perfect for that special occasion and with luxurious top notes of Champagne and Bergamot, she can smell as good as she feels. Although a lighter alternative to Marc Jacob’s original scent, decadence, this scent still has a luxurious feel to it and is perfect for a girl that enjoys the finer things in life, with a small spritz going a very long way. It’s not every day you have to find that special gift for a loved one, but TJ Hughes can help you during those times that you do! Happy Valentine’s day.

For Him

Fragrances aren’t just made up of sweet and fruity feminine scents, they also make the perfect gift for a male loved one. From refreshing, cooling scents to a hint of irresistible spice, aftershave can be the perfect gift for the man in your life – plus you get to smell it too! You might think a stuffed animal and heart-shaped chocolates are the way to go on Valentine’s day and as romantic as that is, why not go for a gift he’ll actually use! Here are some of our top picks to make his Valentine’s day extra special.

Boss – Hugo Boss – £28

You really can’t beat a classic and if he’s a lover of life’s simple things, the crisp no-nonsense scent of this Hugo Boss classic will work perfectly for him, whether he’s spritzing for work or heading out in the evening. He might be a lover of this scent already and you’re simply topping up his supply or if he’s never worn aftershave before, this is certainly a great place to start.

1 Million Prive – Paco Rabanne – £46

A woody and oriental take on the worldwide favourite, 1 million, this gold-bottled scent is the perfect gift for even the hardest to buy for of partners. Designed to be a little denser than most aftershaves, giving it that extra edge- this scent is has been created for those that don’t follow the crowd. Its bright scent contains a refreshing hint of mandarin so he can spray lightly in the morning and be set up for the day ahead. The gold bottle also means you don’t need to go above and beyond with the gift wrapping as this luxurious packaging really does speak for itself. An overall winner.

The Game – Davidoff £20

Slightly aromatic with some light floral hues, Davidoff has answered all of your gifting worries if you’re totally unsure on the type of aftershave your guy might like. The fuss-free minimalistic design of the bottle will sit perfectly on his dresser or bedside, and the contemporary note of gin make this a great gift if you’re planning to play it cool this Valentine’s day with a gift that casually says ‘I kinda like you’. Better still, if you’re planning to head out on a Valentine’s date night, gift him this before-hand and you too can appreciate his great smell all evening!


It’s true that, when it comes to finding the perfect Valentine’s gift, whether it’s your first one spent as a couple or you’ve had too many to remember, the gift of a fantastic smell is definitely going to be one they (and you!) will appreciate. Better still, TJ Hughes offers a range of fantastic quality, top-name brands that although it may seem like it, will mean you don’t have to break the bank just to show a lover how much you care. Shop now!