HolidayJason Koppel

As the weather outside gets warmer, the traveller within us yearns suddenly for a holiday. A chance to enjoy the sun, explore somewhere new or spend some all-important quality time with the family. Spring breaks are a great way to have a short time away from the little stresses of everyday life and routine as well as relax and re-charge, whether that’s in the UK or further afield. However, with travelling comes packing and if you’re heading away with kids and family, you often find you’ve got more than just yourself to remember to pack for. Read below for some great travel essentials that will (hopefully) help you in avoiding that all too familiar panic that comes with forgetting something important.


A bit of an obvious one, but important all the same, a lightweight suitcase that’s easy to manoeuvre yet big enough to hold all of your belongings is an absolute lifesaver, particularly if you’re travelling abroad and moving through airports. A four-wheeled suitcase will glide easily along airport floors and make a world of difference when you have a million and one things to carry. There’s also nothing worse than a broken suitcase that doesn’t securely hold all of your luggage, so investing in a sturdy, new design is definitely worthwhile.

Sun Protection

Depending on where you’re going (yes, even in the UK!) the sun is finally starting to put its hat on as spring creeps closer, making protection a must as you enjoy your holiday. A holiday can be ruined with sunburn, not to mention the long-term damage the sun can do to your skin. So, to enjoy your holiday to its best potential pack that sun protection, throw on a sunhat and go explore!

Tablet and Headphones

If you’re travelling long-haul, a tablet and a good set of headphones can be a godsend, particularly when you’re sitting still on long train journeys or night flights. Whether you want to while away the time listening to music as you look forward to your holiday or want to relax with a good film to pass the hours, a tablet can make long and boring travel time go a lot faster. Wireless headphones are a great travel option as they not only tend to have better sound quality, their lack of wires prevent a tangled mess in your hand luggage – handy when you’re frantically routing through your things, trying to find your passport!

Kid’s Entertainment

Again, if you’re travelling a fair distance, this is a must if you’re taking children along too. It’s fair to say that kids and long journeys definitely don’t mix and something to keep them entertained will not only make it more enjoyable for them, but also a lot easier for you. Whether they’re into electronics and will be kept quiet with a film or they’re more likely to enjoy getting stuck into a board game, jigsaw or colouring book, you’ll find plenty to keep them happy as you travel at TJ Hughes.


Hairdryers and other portable hair styling equipment are also essential in hotter climates that tend to wreak havoc on your hair! Depending on where you’re staying, not all hotels and travel accommodation provide hairdryers so a lightweight travel decide is always handy – and won’t take up as much room as a regular hairdryer would. A good travel hairdryer is not only useful to take on holiday and is also easy to carry around for quick overnight stays and even use at the gym. A definite, worthwhile investment!


If you’re hoping for sunshine, then don’t forget your shades! Both a practical and fashionable accessory, a new pair of shades can totally transform any holiday look, leaving you protected as well as looking and feeling great. Whether you’re jetting off for some spring time sun and are pairing your shades with shorts and sandals or are thinking about hitting the slopes for some snowy fun, there’s no better feeling than slipping on your shades as you head out on holiday, so why not treat yourself to a new pair?

Comfortable shoes

There’s nothing better than taking time out on a spring break to explore, with so many places all over the world offering incredible food and things to discover – and you need to pack the right gear to do so. Great quality, comfortable shoes are an absolute must when travelling and when you have limited suitcase space its important to ensure that you choose wisely. A comfortable pair of shoes, be it trainers or sandals can see you through days of walking and exploring to evenings of sampling local delicacies and sipping cocktails – better still, buying a neutral colour means that you can complete a whole range of different outfit looks with just the one pair of shoes. Perfect.