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Whether you fancy re-arranging your living room or deep cleaning your kitchen, there is nothing quite like spring cleaning. After several months of central heating and festivities, it’s about time that you put on your best pair of Marigolds and prepare yourself for a spring clean. As a busy parent, you’ll be surprised at how effective a spring clean can be on your overall wellbeing. Done properly, cleaning your whole house or apartment can take several hours so pop a movie on for the kids and check out a couple of hacks to speed things up.

Start From the Bottom Up

This might seem like common sense, but it’s going to save you a mild panic attack if a family member or friend happens to pop round for a cup of tea during your spring clean. Start in the morning and make sure to do the living room, kitchen, hall and downstairs toilet (if you’re lucky enough to have one) first, as this will help to ensure you have somewhere to greet any spontaneous guests that happen to drop by while you’re in the middle of deep cleaning your home.

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Grab a Basket

A basket is a fantastic tool during a spring clean, as you can throw everything that doesn’t belong in the room you’re cleaning into the basket and as you move around the house, you can easily tidy up items and clothes as you go. Having a basket to hand will help you to quickly remove all items and any toys from a room, allowing you to access surfaces and the floor and clean thoroughly. This method will also help to save you countless trips up and down the stairs or around your house, painstakingly putting things back in their original places, before you’ve even begun to clean the room you intended to.

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Grab a Bucket

A bucket should be your weapon of choice when it comes to cleaning your home. Multi-functional, it can be used to carry around all of your essential cleaning products with you, to each room in your home, as well as filling it up with warm soapy water to clean surfaces, floors and anywhere that looks dirty or dusty.

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Grab 2 Bin Bags & De-clutter

You can’t spring clean your home without de-cluttering. Donating to charity or throwing away unwanted items around the home will instantly make cleaning easier and will help you to focus on the things you actually use and value. Holding on to old, broken or dated items or accessories can make your home look cluttered and cause dirt to build up.

As a parent, de-cluttering your child’s bedroom is essential at least once every six months, as you are freeing up vital space to let your child’s imagination grow. A cluttered bedroom with toys and clothes all over the floor and packed into every draw and cupboard is going to prevent your child from being able to move around and play. De-cluttering can also help you to make extra cash. Selling toys that are in good condition online or at a local car boot can help you to save for a family day out together, and memories are of course, priceless.

Grab two bin bags; one for charity or to sell and one for broken or stained items you want to throw away and get cracking!

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Don’t Forget the Inside of the Windows

A clean and streak-free window will make a huge difference to your home. Cleaning both the outside and inside of your windows should be on your to-do list when it comes to a spring clean. Letting in the light and making your home look clean and presentable, this job is also a great one to get the kids involved with.

If you prefer to use natural cleaning products, grab some old newspaper and spray bottle of 50% distilled vinegar (white) and 50% tap water. This cost effective homemade window cleaner will leave you with streak free windows in a matter of minutes.

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