Solar Garden Light Guide

Solar Garden Light Guide

Vanette Mendoza

Are you searching for the best solar garden lights? It can be pretty challenging to know which ones to go for with so many different styles available. The solar light can create ambience and allow long-lasting garden enjoyment long after dusk (most can last up to eight hours and some longer). 

Solar light provides an economical green light solution that also eliminates the need for cables and external power. Buy solar lights, get them installed, and they’re going for years. They are easy, and you’ll never need an electrician to fix faulty systems giving you maintenance-free garden lights. 

What are solar garden lights?

Solar garden lights are lights you can use in the garden which are powered by the sun. Forget the hassle of installing wiring, solar lights are simple to install, simple to maintain and brighten up your outside space as the sun goes down. An incredibly popular option, they have revolutionised outdoor lighting.


How long do solar garden lights last?

This is what everyone wants to know. A good set of solar lights will last throughout the night in the summer. Expect them to stay on and last for around eight to 10 hours on average, which is more than enough to get through summer nights. There will be some differences in the amount different lights taken to charge, with some taking about eight hours to charge and others closer to twelve.

In the winter months, it’s darker for more extended, meaning there’s less light to charge. They should still function the same as in the summer months; however, they can run out of charge faster.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Simply put, solar energy is energy produced by the sun. Solar panels capture this energy, then it is then converted into electricity and is used to power a whole range of things. As long as they are clean and functioning correctly, your solar garden lights will be shining bright in the garden for years to come, totally free.

At the same time, some of them also have a backup battery used when there’s no sunlight to work continuously without interruption.



It’s essential to take into consideration the solar light output in particular. Usually, the luminosity of a sun’s light is calculated using lumens. Different light sources provide different light outputs in different lumens. It ranges from 100 to 1600 lumens or higher depending on its use.

Coverage Angle and Length

You want to angle solar panels to maximise their exposure to daylight. Ideally, you will angle the panels on a tilt equal to the area’s latitude. It’s recommended that you tilt the panel 15 degrees either way in the summer & winter for maximum performance.

Colour Temperature

This factor is responsible for lighting colours or appearance. It represents light colours generated by the lights. Lamps at higher colour temperatures can produce cooler and darker colours. These elements are essential in determining the mood of a place in an outdoor lighting source.

Recharge time and run time

Charge time takes solar light to charge when it is powered fully. It would help find a battery charger that charges well even on dark days. Once the lights have been installed, they will require time to set fully to start functioning.

There are two different types of solar-powered lights

Photovoltaic conversion (PV)

Solar thermal conversion

Direct conversion

Indirect conversion

There are two kinds of solar-powered led lamps available; one is photovoltaic, and another is solar thermal. Both these lamps have a high power efficiency ratio because of their self contained solar cell panels to generate electricity.

Since both these lamps run on direct sunlight to change light into electrical energy, it is feasible for them to last all night long before charging the next day.

Why should you buy solar lights? You’ll find them in circular and square sizes most often, and they look beautiful lit up in the garden at night. Forget the hassle of electric wires, just sick solar deck lights on the decking, or whatever type of solar light fits your needs. Jazz your outdoor area up some lighting.

Different lights have different strengths and are measured by lumens. What you’ll find is that there is some variation between the types of light your solar lights will emit, with some having a warm white light whereas others are having a warm glow.

Enjoy sunsets and the ambient glow that solar lights provide. Most of them automatically switch on with a built-in sensor, so there’s no hassle turning them on and off.


How many lumens for solar garden lights?

Security Floodlights 600 – 1400

Shed Lights 200 – 300

Lamp Posts 150

Landscape Spotlights 120

Landscape Spotlights 120

What are the benefits of solar lighting

Easy to install

One of the most accessible garden accessories to install is solar garden lights. Insert into the ground or attach them to the area where you want the light to shine.

Easy to maintain

Maintenance is a breeze. You’ll need to clean and do a bit of wiping a few times throughout the year, but apart from that, they are hassle-free.


Most solar lights are incredibly cheap. For what they are and versus traditional electric garden lighting.

Minimal work

You can quickly transform your garden with very little work and no extensive ongoing maintenance issues and make a big impact.

Motion detector lighting

Replace the current electric version with the more eco-friendly solar. Great for added security alerting you when motion is detected outside.

They last longer

This makes them a more appealing option than conventional lights where you have to keep on changing the bulbs time and again to get more illumination at night time.

Unlimited energy

As long as the sensors are working correctly and the panel isn’t dirty, you’ll be able to get lighting all year round without paying a penny in electricity charges.

Available in many shapes & sizes

They are available in different shapes sizes to suit your individual needs giving you many choices depending on the size and shape of the area you need lighting.


They do not produce any noise while they work, making them easy to use compared to other conventional garden lights available, which tend to create a buzz when on.

The best solar garden lights are energy-efficient that give the same performance as traditional incandescent or halogen powered lights but don’t require any power source to light up. Hang them on a nearby wall or pillar, plug the wire directly into the lamp’s base, and then the solar panels will do the rest of the work.  
How many different types of solar lights?

There are many different types of solar garden lights available on the market today, starting from simple solar lights that can be installed easily on tree branches and wall surfaces to intricate mosaic designs with specially designed panels that can illuminate an entire area with their unique and colourful look.

The best solar light is personal preference; no one style is considered the best; it’s what suits your garden and what you like the look of.

You may also see solar lights with an S, or F. S is for static light, whereas F is for flashing. night-time.

Solar string lights

One of the easiest ways to light up your garden at night is with solar powered string lights. Solar string lighting is an easy, low-cost way of creating a beautiful atmosphere in your garden. Depending on how many are included they can provide beautiful lighting to large areas with minimal hassle.

Solar deck lights

An excellent option for kitting out your deck. They will look beautiful, lighting up your patio and creating a safer environment for you and your guests. Decorative solar lights give off a gentle ambient light that’s perfect for any porch, patio or balcony where you want to relax with friends and family in the evening.

Solar post lights

Great for leading the way, solar post lights are great for pathways and the outer edges of gardens. Whether you want to get the upper hand on burglars or are just trying to install some extra security, they provide excellent illumination and can be adjusted as required.

Solar porch lights

These will look attractive and illuminating against your front door as you come home and don’t have to fumble in the dark to insert your key. They can also be used as added security. You can also find solar lights for the driveway to helping to make parking easier.

Solar garden lamps

A great look, particularly in the more traditional style of lighting. Providing a good amount of ambient light can make your garden look like it has been professionally lit.

Solar candle lights

These solar lights provide a beautiful level of ambient lighting. They can be easily hung up or placed where ever you choose and will add a nice touch to your outdoor living area at nighttime.

Traditional solar lanterns

Enhance your garden with a classic feel, they will give off an excellent ambient light for those evening garden gatherings, and you can hang them from any area you choose. They look appealing, so they could easily double as decoration.

Solar floodlights

Mount to your house, pergola or other fixed locations in your garden to light up areas when you want to or when there’s motion. Great for offering high levels of light.

Solar Fence lights

Light up your fence in style with solar fence lights. Solar fence lights don’t need any wiring either! Just stick them onto your fence where you feel like it and watch as they light up at dusk.


Solar wall lights

Add lights to the wall simply and elegantly. Excellent for replacing old electric wall lights, merely add the new solar lights up save on energy costs

Place your solar garden lights south facing for total maximum exposure.

Solar-powered lights get all their power from the sun, so in general, they are straightforward to maintain — for the majority of solar products, there are no wires to plug in, and once they’re placed, they take care of themselves. It’s essential to place your solar lights in locations where they will be exposed to the most sunlight, most common in the south facing position. ( Please note some lights may have some wires. Please check the lights you are looking to purchase).


Let the light in your garden (but not the wires)

This will let you install these lights by yourself without requiring any help from others, making it a convenient option compared to other regular garden lights available today.

Since these solar panels require direct sunlight falling upon them to function, make sure before buying them that they can get enough solar energy during the day. Otherwise, you may end up using more electricity and fuel for their work, which is an additional cost on your part.

How to correctly maintain solar powered lights.

Maintenance is relatively simple. They also save you money because they do not require any electricity or fuel to make them work, which is an advantage over conventional lights and outdoor lamps available today. You have to clean them from dust frequently so that no tiny dirt particles stick onto their surface while working, which can reduce their illumination to a great extent.

If your lights come with wires, you may want to check they are all connected tightly.


Solar Powered Garden Lights during the wintertime

You might think that they will be dim during wintertime because there would be no sunlight, but this is not always the case with solar-powered lights as their power conversion efficiency is not affected by the sun’s presence.

Some models will perform better in direct sunlight. Still, the solar panels themselves can charge from being in daylight, though this might not lead to as much of a powerful charge when placed in natural sunlight in general; during the winter, your lights should work fine.

What to do if your lights stop working?

If your lights have just suddenly stopped working, it could be down to a few issues.

  • If your lights have batteries, then they may have died
  • The solar panels might need cleaning
  • There’s artificial light interfering with them
  • The internal sensors may have failed