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As New Year approaches, thoughts start to concentrate on the things we want to achieve in the New Year. Whether it’s to get back into shape after one too many mince pies or you’d like to become more organised and in control of your life, having a goal in mind is a great place to start. We’ve put together the top New Year resolutions with our recommended gadgets and products that will help you on your way without breaking the bank.

Fitness First

Forget investing in a state of the art running machine with built in Bluetooth technology, as after a couple of weeks you may find it just starts to gather dust in the corner of your living room. Instead why not get some fresh air outside and pop on these LED Disco Bluetooth Headphones and run 5K around your neighbourhood. Not only are they a bargain at £9.99 but running outside will help strengthen your core and build muscle definition as you take on inclines, steps and hills. Team your new headphones with our ITEK Action Tracker for £4.99 and keep track of your progress.

Organise Your Life

A goal shared by many UK mums, balancing work and family life can be slightly chaotic at times and finding little gadgets and ideas to help you gain back control of your life can be a complete game changer. One of the easiest ways to save yourself a huge amount of time in the morning as well as money in the long run is to meal prep. Preparing large quantities of food and portioning this out in small containers to be enjoyed throughout the working week not only helps you to ensure lunches are prepared and ready for the morning rush but you can waste less food and save yourself more in the long run. Why not pick up a couple of our playful and bright food containers and head over to Pinterest for some inspiration. From as little as £2.99, the Addis range of clip and close containers come in a variety of colours.

Look After Yourself

Over the Christmas period, you may have been putting everyone else before yourself, especially if you have young children but in the New Year if you fancy a bit of TLC, make some time for yourself and focus on relaxation and skincare. Light a Baylis & Harding 3 Wick Candle in Midnight Fig and Pomegranate and run yourself a bubble bath. After your bath, generously apply the Sanctuary Spa Youth Boosting Body Butter with its cocoa butter and sweet almond scent. For anti-aging, apply the OLAY Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil or perhaps the OLAY Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correct Eye Swirl Moisturise for luminous skin in just eight weeks. Spray on DKNY Golden Delicious with notes of orange blossom and white roses.

Spend Time with the Family

Making memories with your kids is priceless and it’s important to take time away from mobiles, computers and tablets and give your children your undivided attention. A simple board game can really bring families together and help form strong relationships. Why not try the nerve rattling game of Pop and Hop, 4 in a Row or the classic and strategic game of Chess. With up to 70% off the RRP and all at less than £6 each, it’s worth it.