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Not only is it a new year, it is also a new decade and there has never been a better time to kick old habits and begin a healthier you. The world is full of motivated individuals eager to put their new goals into action – but before you even think about doing this, you need to check out these must-haves which will make reaching your goals easier (and more fun)!

Flexcore 8 by JML

New Year’s Resolution to get in shape this year but the thought of a busy gym terrifies you? More and more people are getting into home fitness which, if you have the correct equipment, can be a breeze.

This Flexcore 8 by JML is as easy as fitness gets. A small set-up to fit into any home, this device helps aid weight loss whilst simultaneously builds muscle for the complete body goal. The Flexcore 8 is easy to set up and even easier to use, built for quick home workouts that can fit into any routine with an impressive price of £49.99 at TJ Hughes. You also receive a bonus DVD to get you going – you’ll be at your fitness peak in no time.

Breville Blend Active Blender

January is the healthiest month of the year, with billions of diets kicking off to begin 2020 the best way. We can all admit that dieting can be a real challenge, with many healthy new year’s resolutions failing by February!

Keep yours going this year and the rest with the Breville Blend Active Blender, perfect for whipping up tasty smoothies for breakfast in the morning to boost energy and metabolism. This convenient device comes with a portable bottle, making it as simple as the touch of a button to create your perfect healthy breakfast. Simply add fruit, yoghurt, anything else you desire and enjoy! Grab yours from TJ Hughes for £17.99 – with a whopping 40% saving off the RRP!

Tower 2.2L Airfryer

Although we are full of motivation for our new, healthier lifestyle now – our goals do begin to struggle as the year develops. The key to maintaining a healthier lifestyle is balance. We still need treats throughout our life to give us that little bit of pleasure.

With the Tower 2.2L Airfryer, you can enjoy your favourite junk foods at a lighter option. Airfryers offer a healthier alternative to deep frying, making it the perfect device for whipping up healthier versions of chips and other fried delights. Our Tower 2.2L Airfryer is currently just £29.99, saving you a shocking 67% off the RRP!

Adidas Superstar Trainers

With a new year’s goal to get more active with your fitness habits, it is vital to have the correct attire for working out. Footwear plays a huge role in your fitness routines, offering the correct support for cardiovascular movement.

At TJ Hughes, we stock the stylish favourites of Adidas Superstar Trainers for just £42, saving you up to 60% off the original selling price. Looking stylish and getting active was never easier or cheaper! There are two colour variations and plenty of sizes available, so be sure to grab yours before stepping into the world of fitness and health.

Trespass Padded Jacket

In the new year with our sights set on a healthier lifestyle, there has never been a better time to hit the hills and go for a walk. Walking is a great hobby to take up going into the new year, giving you a chance to develop your fitness levels whilst also giving you something fun to do!

Whilst up in the hills in the midst of January, you certainly will need to wrap up warm to enjoy the views. This Trespass Black Padded Jacket is the perfect New Year’s treat for these many upcoming walks and activities. Designed for outdoor weather, this jacket is complete with a zip-off hood to accommodate all seasons with 3 zip pockets to keep your belongings safe and dry during a hike. At just £39.99 at TJ Hughes, you can grab a bargain!

With all of these items, your fitness goals are now a little easier than before. For consistency in reaching healthier habits, investing in yourself with items to boost your health and productivity is an effective method. Remember, to never be too hard on yourself and to be realistic with your new goals – and if all else fails, there’s always next year!

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