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New year, new decade, new home? It is completely normal to get the decorating itch in January. As a month of new beginnings and with our sights well and truly set on the summer months, January is a time for refreshing and reinventing ourselves and our homes.

If you’re planning a complete re-vamp of your home or just  looking to simply switch up your curtains for a new look – we have all of the best interior design trends for 2020 here for you. There is something for everyone in this article and we hope to leave you feeling inspired and full of ideas for your own home.

Minimalism has long been a beloved trend in modern interior design. The concept of minimalism is to include as little in your home as possible, for a clean and open effect. Common colours in minimalism interiors are whites, neutrals, greys and black.

When designing a minimal home, think plenty of clean spaces and as little clutter as possible. To achieve the perfect clean, minimal home, storage is essential to keep belongings as out of sight as possible. To add your own unique touches to a minimal home, accessories such as wall clocks and ornaments work really well.

We understand minimalism cannot be achieved by everyone – achieving a clean space for more than 5 minutes can be a challenge in a home filled with children. This interior trend is most popular with single occupancies, central apartments and open plan living homes.

Ever wanted to get creative with your home but don’t know where to start? You don’t have to paint your entire home bright yellow to get amongst the colour trends. A common interior design trend is a neutral colour scheme with consistent pops of colour across the room. Touches of bright colours can really life the décor of a room, without being too in-your-face.

Common colours which work very well in this trend are muted yellows, mint greens, pastel pinks, vibrant blues and tones of red. The Pantone Colour of the Year is a Classic Blue tone – so why not add touches of this colour across your neutral home through throw cushions, accessories and little touches to really brighten up the space. This makes all of the difference without too much effort!

What goes around, comes right back around and this is exactly the case with interior design trends. What is fresh on the scene now will be quirky and on-trend in future generations. This is simply how the world works and is respected across interior design, fashion, cars and even building architecture.

Achieving a unique vintage style home is much easier than you think – you don’t need a qualification in interior design and you don’t need to know where every hit vintage store is located. All homeware stores, including TJ Hughes, are likely to stock quirky vintage style items as they are timeless in the world of interior design. Great items which tend to offer vintage aesthetic are lamps, clocks and mirrors. Look for anything with a copper aesthetic or simply unique and interesting to add to your home – this is a trend you can really get creative with and produce something amazing!

More and more people are turning their homes into their own haven. This top trend takes inspiration from tranquil locations such as spas, in attempt to create your very own sanctuary in your home. Our homes are to relax and unwind in, so this trend works really well in creating a calm environment.

To achieve this look, the key is lots of greenery and plants – artificial or real, depending on your plant parenting ability. Plenty of greenery creates a fresh living space, which contrast perfectly against pure white or neutral walls. To complement the greenery, incorporate some quirky trinkets. Buddha statues and tea light lanterns are common to achieve this look. Most people use this trend to decorate their bathroom to create an area of relaxation, but this interior design aesthetic is becoming more common throughout the entire home. It looks beautiful!

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