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5 Funny Reasons to Spoil Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special time of year, when you can show your mum just how much she really means to you! But let’s not forget those times when she has really gone above and beyond and put you before anything else.

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#1 She Didn’t Tell Your Dad

Mums have a fantastic way of making sure your secrets and most embarrassing moments are kept firmly in the past. Whether you’ve accidently spilt nail varnish on the cream carpet in the living room, or you’ve smashed the back window while having a kick about in the back garden, we bet that you can remember a time when your mum, has stepped in to help you conceal all evidence of an embarrassing moment or accident at home. Protecting you from a serious telling off whether it be from your dad, older siblings or grandparents, your mum is a master of tidying up after you before anyone else finds out about what you’ve done, and for this, we are eternally grateful.

For the times that she took away your stress and worries, treat her to bubble bath essentials for some all-important me time.

#2 She Kept the Magic Alive

Remember when the tooth fairy left you money under your pillow after you lost a tooth, or when Easter Bunny hid a number of delicious chocolate treats around your home with clues of where to find them, or when Father Christmas left his snow covered footprints in front of the Christmas tree after enjoying the mince pie and glass of milk that you’d left out for him? The magic was kept alive even after you declared that you stopped believing in all matter of mythical creatures. We will always hold on to those moments of childhood magic, thanks to mum!

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#3 She Supported You through Thick and Thin

That moment in your life when exams took their toll, school got a little too stressful and you felt as though the whole world was against you, mum was there supporting you and telling you that everything was going to be OK. No matter what difficulty you were up against your mum helped to shield you from the problems you were facing and helped you to pick yourself back up and face the issues head on.

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#4 She Listened to Your Latest Drama or Break-up

When your first true love broke up with you, your favourite singer cancelled their world tour, or your best-friend had a massive argument with you, no matter what your latest drama entailed, your mum listened to every last detail of the incident and not once did she fall asleep or look bored of the conversation. Instead, she patiently listened to your concerns, your thoughts, and your assumptions and offered you a shoulder to cry on.

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#5 To Her you’re the Best Person in the Whole World

You could wear a black bin liner and a pair of old trainers, and to your mum you’ll look as beautiful or handsome as ever. With spots, blemishes, a bad hair day or a wardrobe malfunction, your mum will still be proud of you and love everything about you and that’s what makes your mum one of the most important people in your life.

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