Lighting Buying Guide

Lighting Buying Guide

TJ Hughes

Lighting is often overlooked by a lot of people and is a really important part of your home. As well as functionality, lighting creates a mood for each part of the house. As the clocks going back in the UK on the 29/10/2023, it is starting to get darker earlier and it is essential to get some bright lights for the dark nights. Our lighting buying guide will give you an insight into the different types of lighting and which type of lights suit your needs. Secure your house with an outdoor light, brighten your desk with a table lamp or give your room some class with a ceiling light.

Lighting guides by room


  • Pendant lamps are great in multiples above kitchen islands as they highlight the space and creates focus on the island
  • Ceiling lights are also a great option to give your kitchen a modern and elegant look


  • Pendant lamps also work very well with dining rooms as they can create focus on the dinner table 
  • Wall lights are great for dividing the room if you have an open plan kitchen and dining room and illuminate any art or pictures you have on the wall
  • Ceiling lights are a good choice for dining rooms as eye-catching chandeliers can put the finishing touches on the room, making your dining room feel like you're at a 5 star restaurant


  • Floor lamps and table lamps are good for layering light and giving the room a more ambient feel to relax in
  • Wall lamps also set the mood in a lounge room and give a cosy feel


  • Ceiling lamps are great for focussing on the bed and a fabric shade will give the room a soft and cosy feel
  • Table lamps and wall lamps are good for creating more of a focussed and relaxed light for working or reading in your bedroom
  • Our water lamps are great decoration lamps to give your room more character



  • LED ceiling lights are the best option for bathrooms, as they are cheaper than standard lighting, safer against water hazards, last years longer than normal lighting and highlight the bathroom in a brighter tone to make doing tasks such as shaving, hairstyling or applying makeup easier
  • LED Bathroom mirrors are a great addition to a bathroom as they allow you to see yourself much clearer, especially when it is dark and you don't want the full brightness of the main light




  • Ceiling lights are an essential for hallways as it is important to brighten the space. Chandeliers are a great way to make a statement in your hallway
  • Table lamps and wall lamps can also be a good way to create ambience and illuminate any decorations you have in the hallway

Outdoor & Garden

Outdoor lighting

  • All our outdoor lights are IP protected, meaning they are all water and moisture proof
  • Our outdoor lighting range includes decorative lights to light up your garden and driveway to create ambience, and also security lighting to keep potential intruders away from your home
  • Some of our security lights are triggered by motion detection and are great for porches


What is an IP (Ingress Protection) rating?


An IP rating refers to the degree you’re protected from any contact with moving parts, and how much the light is protected from anything getting inside. The higher the rating, the more protected the lighting is and you will need a minimum IP44 rating.  The numbers ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘6’ (dust-tight). The second digit indicates how much moisture (drips, spray or jets) the light can withstand. This ranges from ‘0’ (no special protection) to ‘8’ (protection from complete, continuous submersion in water). For example, an IP44 rating means nothing bigger than 1mm can get in, and it’s safe from splashing water.