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So, it’s the summer holidays. Routines are out of the window, the kids have said they’re bored about 20 times a day since the beginning of the week (but won’t listen to any of your ‘fun’ suggestions), you haven’t had a minute’s peace and the house looks like no one has tidied up since Christmas. Sound familiar? Whilst the summer holidays can be filled with exciting family plans and warm(ish) weather as everyone enjoys a bit of time off, there are usually weeks where there isn’t an awful lot going on, money is a little tight and quite frankly, you want to pull your hair out. Rather than succumbing to the TV and iPad temptation to keep them quiet, TJ’s has come to the rescue with our summer holiday survival guide, featuring our collection of crafts, outdoor games and other enjoyable things to keep your family entertained, without spending a fortune.

Get them outdoors

Granted, the weather isn’t always suitable for outdoor activities but when we do get a little British sunshine, it’s great to make the most of it. Kids thrive so much more when actually playing outdoors like the good old days and at TJ Hughes we have an amazing collection of outdoor games and activities guaranteed to grab their attention (for a while at least!). Our collection of trampolines make for hours of fun and are available in a range of different sizes so will suit any garden type. All of our trampolines also come complete with safety enclosures, for your peace of mind. Other garden activities available at TJ’s include family size and smaller paddling pools, water guns and space hoppers – a bargain way to occupy them on a summer’s day!

Get creative

Staying indoors can often be a little limiting when it comes to activities, particularly if you’re short on space. But at TJ’s we have a great art and creativity collection, full of ways to stimulate their little minds, whilst they have time off school. Whether they’re into colouring and painting activities, prefer to make or build things or even if you have a little chef in the making, there’s plenty to choose from to ensure they’re doing something fun and expressing themselves at the same time. Indoor activities don’t have to be expensive and at TJ’s you’ll find great quality items that lasts the whole summer, at great discounted prices.

Give them their own space

Whilst it might seem like you need your own space, giving the kids somewhere ‘parent free’ to hangout can not only encourage their independence, but also gives you a moment’s peace and (hopefully!) confines any mess to one area. Weather permitting, the TJ’s garden furniture collection has products designed especially for children. From picnic benches to plastic tables and even inflatable chairs featuring some of their favourite characters. Other hideaways include pop up tents and gazebos which can be used in or outdoors. A worthwhile investment and a summer holidays saviour.

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