TravelAlex Bradburn

A scenery of cliffs near the town of Broadstairs in the UK

With travel restrictions still in place, vacations abroad are feeling like a distant memory. This does not mean summer has to be cancelled – after all 2021 is the year of the staycation!

With everything so up in the air with international travel, people are opting to keep it safe and choose a staycation over their normal holiday get-a-way. Whether this is simply booking time off work to stay home or taking a trip within the UK, we have come up with a few tips on how to embrace your next staycation.

Steps 1 – Set the date

Approach your staycation the same way you would a vacation. Pick your dates and simply book the time off work. Your staycation could simply just mean taking some time off to relax at home and catch up with family and friends. Whatever your choice, it is still important to set the time aside and know exactly when your staycation will be.

Steps 2 – Look for inspiration

Sometimes we can overlook where we live, but the UK has some beautiful tourist spots that will make you forget you’re not abroad. Take some time to do your research. Look for inspiration online or ask friends and family for recommendations – they’re bound to have a few.

You could even consider going local, how many of us have actually been a tourist in our own city? It is often that when we live somewhere, we never visit the local historical sites and landmarks. See your own city through fresh eyes and plan a few days out. Once you have picked your destination be sure you book your accommodation as soon as possible, things are booking up quickly due to so many of us opting for a UK get-a-way.

Step 3 – Try something new

Cross something of your bucket list and try something new! Whether you’re staying local or visiting a new place, plan unique activities you have always wanted to do but never had the time. A dance class, rock climbing, or this could simply be trying a new restaurant or cuisine – take this as your opportunity to get exploring. Step out your comfort zone and you are sure to create some amazing memories!

Step 4 – Allow for Relaxation

Go off the grid and allow for relaxation during your time off. We know how tempting it can be to answer a few work emails, especially if you are spending your staycation at home. Try to take some time away from your phone and laptop and enjoy your time off work.

However you’re spending your staycation this summer we hope everyone enjoys that much needed break. Be sure to head over to to shop all our staycation essentials, from suitcases to suncare we have got it all!