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Building Social Skills Without a Screen

Technology is an incredible aid to education but there are some things that it can’t substitute. Human interaction for instance is key to childhood development. Learning basic social skills at a young age helps children to develop valuable and meaningful relationships, both in their family unit and outside of it. Spending quality time together as a family is one way of helping young children to learn and understand body language, tone of voice and social skills and one way of incorporating this into a fun and family focused activity is by playing classic board games.

Board games should never be underestimated in their ability to teach children. Whether it’s how to compete with other players, developing strategies to win, learning how to react to defeat as well as to victory, reading rules and following them or understanding the concept of the game, board games have come a long way since snakes and ladders, but remain a fantastic way of bringing people together.

TJ Hughes have an incredible range of classic board games such as Trivial Pursuit Family Edition as well as more contemporary styles of games such as Egged On and Pop Pop Pinata.

Exploring Nature with Kids

Hiking through the woods, eating a picnic on the beach and playing football in the park can make for happy childhood memories. This time together is precious and by merging family time with physical activity you can help to solidify family bonds as well as allow kids to burn off steam before bedtime. Exercise helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress and anxiety so it’s a great idea for the whole family to take part too!

TJ Hughes has plenty of kids’ toys to take to the park such as kid’s bow and arrow sets, space hoppers and outdoor water pistols. Shop our garden toy collection! Or why not treat your child to a brand new bike and plan a bike ride this weekend! After all, learning to ride a bike is a childhood milestone that will teach your children skills that they’ll never forget!

For those who prefer to spend quiet time together, why not invite your kids or grandchildren to join you for a spot of gardening. TJ Hughes have plenty of garden accessories to get your child’s imagination running wild. From fairy lights, to decorative ornaments, transform your garden or patio into a forest full of animals or a magical fairy glen.

As with everything in life, technology should be enjoyed in moderation, so why not get creative and plan something fun to do as a family this summer, with a little help from TJ Hughes.