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Being your own boss, a working mum or an ambitious career focused women can mean finding a delicate balance between your personal and work commitments. Whether your studying and working, raising little ones while juggling work or trying to fit in a morning workout routine with a 9- 5 day job, things can get quite hectic if you don’t plan ahead and keep on top of everything. In honour of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2018, we’ve put together a bit of a morning schedule to help you keep on top of your busy and exciting life.

The Ultimate Girl Boss Morning Routine

6:30AM Workout

Duration: 1 Hour

If you manage to get a good night’s sleep, you can easily fit in an early-morning workout session. Yes, it will be difficult at first to find the motivation to wake up at around 6:30am and throw on your activewear, but the benefits are definitely worth it! If you manage to work out in the morning, your body will be able to burn more calories throughout the day, even if you’re sitting at a desk. This is due to your metabolism kicking in as your exercise. Not only will you be able to burn more calories but after a couple of sessions you’ll suddenly notice that you’re not as tired as you used to be. Getting active is actually a fantastic source of energy, as strange as that sounds. When you work out in the morning, your body and mind will wake up and be prepared for the day ahead, meaning you’ll be less reliant on caffeine to give you that buzz before work.

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7:30 AM: 15 Minute Make-Up Routine

Once you’ve burnt off some steam in the gym or outside, it’s time to jump into the shower for no more than 15 minutes. Once you’re out of the shower, it’s time to make a start on your time efficient make-up routine. Taking some time to groom your brows and apply a little moisturiser and make-up in the morning can seriously help to boost your mood and confidence. But to save time and money, choose cosmetics that are waterproof so tend to last several hours as well as those that are multi-purpose. Limit your daily make-up bag to a select few products that you can use to accentuate your natural features.

Start with an SPF moisturiser and eye cream. Apply a little foundation and concealer wherever you have blemishes or imperfections. Add a touch of glow with a highlighter on your cheekbones and arch of your eyebrows. Brush and fill in your brows. Add eyeliner and mascara and finish with a pink and matte lipstick.

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8AM: Superfood Breakfast Smoothie

To make sure you get off to a good start, make sure to give your body a vitamin boost with a superfood breakfast smoothie. For a delicious drink, add a handful of your favourite berries to a blender, pour in your milk of choice (coconut, almond, organic cow’s milk), add a chopped banana and a tablespoon of chia seeds and blend until smooth. Enjoy either on the go or before you head out the door. If you prefer an earthy taste to sweet, switch the berries for spinach and the banana for sliced apples.

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Pack Your Essentials the Night Before

This is a smart trick for busy women and will shred serious time off your morning routine. Packing everything you need for the next day, the night before will ensure you almost never forget anything you might need. Whether it’s a couple of snacks to enjoy throughout the day, your laptop and charger or a couple of pens and notepads for a business meeting you’ve got planned, preparation will prevent poor performance- as the saying goes.

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