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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard of Mrs Hinch, the cleaning fanatic from Essex, turned Instagram mega-influencer. Since launching her account just twelve months ago, she’s garnered a loyal fanbase of over 2.4 million followers, all eager to pull on their marigold’s. She’s even landed herself a bookdeal, “Hinch yourself Happy. All the best cleaning tips to shine your sink and soothe your soul.”

Spend five minutes scrolling through her Instagram Highlights, and you’ll see why this girl next door appeals to so many. Far from the showy, posed and highly edited ‘aspirational’ accounts that saturate Instagram, Mrs Hinch is all about appreciating the little things in life. The satisfaction of a well-organised cleaning cupboard, the comfort in folding away clean laundry, and the joy of taking care of your belongings. Sophie Hinchliffe encourages her followers to take pleasure in making their homes calm, clean sanctuaries to retreat to when the world starts to get a bit too much. We couldn’t agree more Mrs Hinch!

For budding Hincher’s, we’ve put together our most loved cleaning essentials to help you clean yourself happy.

Steam Cleaner

Multi Function Steam Cleaner  £34.99

This steam cleaner comes with multiple heads to help you tackle a variety of tasks. With this nifty machine, you can steam mop your floors and steralise your kitchen counters without the need for any harsh chemicals. We recommend using the small scrubbing nozzle to steam clean the grouting on your kitchen and bathroom tiles. It’s also great for using in the shower to get into all of the tricky corners. Just be careful to avoid sealant as the steam may damage it.

garment steamer

Portable Garment Steamer £14.99

With this handy little gadget, you can hang your laundry whilst damp and steam each item to remove wrinkles. Going on holiday or heading to a wedding this summer? This Garment Steamer is portable, and so is perfect for slipping in your suitcase or overnight bag. Take it with you, so you can steam your outfit at the hotel. It’s great for using on suits and tricky shirt collars too. This handy device is also fantastic for steam cleaning your upholstered furniture. Have your car seats seen better days? Are your garden furniture cushions smelling a bit musty? Steam them clean and they’ll be as good as new.

Cordless Hoover

Cordless Vac from Hoover  £99.99

Pet hairs be gone! A brilliant cordless vacuum cleaner, such as this one from Hoover, is every Hincher’s secret weapon. The extendable pole and crevice tool make it easy to use in those hard to reach places like the side of the sofa, or above the curtain rail. This vacuum has twenty minutes of suction power with each battery charge, so you can do the whiz around without interruption.

Karcher Window Vac

Karcher Window Vac £44.99

With this Karcher Window Vac, you can enjoy therapeutic window and mirror cleaning, inside, outside and in the shower. It cleans and dries leaving a streak-free shine on all glass surfaces. Plus, it’s fun to use!

White Storage Baskets

White Studio Storage Baskets from £1.69

Make like Mrs Hinch and organise your very own “Narnia” (that’s the cupboard under your kitchen sink, in “Hinch” lingo) with these white plastic storage baskets. They come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for storing your Dave’s (dusters), Gregory’s (rubber gloves), Sphonges, Minkeh’s and Zoflora!

grey spin mop set

Grey Spin Mop Set £19.99

A mop and bucket is an essential for any home, and ideal for a midweek spruce up with minimal fuss. The microfibre mop head collects dust and dirt in hard to reach places, and spins to squeeze dry in the bucket. We think Mrs Hinch is sure to approve of the grey and white too!