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Have you remember-remembered the 5th of November this year? Don’t worry if you’re a little less prepared this year – we are here to help you get bonfire-ready as quickly as possible with our Bonfire Night on a Budget Checklist!

We’ve done all the work for you this year and created the best list of everything you need for your Bonfire Night to run smoothly, with something included to make it fun for all of the family: tasty treats for the children, gadgets for the dads and cosy home ware for the mums.

Cook Up a Storm

Besides the fireworks, what is the most exciting part about Bonfire Night? The food, of course! With these cheap cooking gadgets you can create the perfect spread for your family.

Global Gizmos Chocolate Fountain – £12.99

Keep the children entertained between fireworks with the Global Gizmos Chocolate Fountain. Create a station with marshmallows, fruit and anything else your heart desires. Simply plug in, add chocolate and start dipping!

Global Gizmos Popcorn Maker – £12.99

There’s nothing better than the warm scent of freshly cooked popcorn on a Bonfire Night, giving you the perfect nibble for your firework display – the entire family are sure to love this Global Gizmos Popcorn Maker!

Tower Airfryer – £34.99

Whip up some tasty fries with the Tower Airfryer, complete with a manual timer to make it even easier to feed the family this Bonfire Night – this appliance is sure to come in handy throughout the rest of the year, too!

Quest Sandwich Maker – £9.99

Everybody loves a toasted sandwich, and the Quest Sandwich Maker will ensure a quick turnaround whilst making everyone’s warm toasties on Bonfire Night.

Tower Soup Maker £34.99

This Tower Soup Maker will create up to 1.6L of freshly homemade soup, allowing everyone to grab a warm cup before the fireworks begin which will keep the soup warm throughout the night.

Keep Warm & Cosy

As we all know, Bonfire Night comes at a time where cold weather is the norm again which makes it even more important to keep warm and cosy – it’s time to assemble the heaters and warm clothing. These convenient products are perfect for this time of year.

Warmlite Compact Stove – £49.99

Set the scene and stay cosy with the Warmlite Compact Stove, complete with adjustable thermostat and safety cut-out features to keep you warm throughout the night.

Teddy Bear Throw – £6.99

The entire family will be thankful for these Teddy Bear Throws when watching the fireworks, keeping them warm and cosy throughout the night – these are available in a range of colours to match your décor.

Comfort is Key

Don’t let the family stand during the firework display; make them as comfortable as possible with an outdoor furniture set. These furniture items are not just for summer, and can create the perfect cosy scene for the firework display to be used every season all-year-round.

Marley 4 Piece Outdoor Set – £420

These Marley 4 Piece Egg Style Outdoor Chairs paired with a cosy throw create the perfect comfort for watching a beautiful firework display. Complete with a table to keep refreshments nearby, we cannot think of a better way to watch the explosions in the sky.

Green Folding Camping Chair – £7.99

If you’re going elsewhere to watch a firework display, be sure to take a folding camping chair with you. With these Green Folding Camping Chairs, you can relax in comfort without having to worry about sitting on soggy grass or getting tired legs from standing all evening.

Family Fun

When the fireworks are over, carry on the fun with some family games – a great way to spend time together and share a few laughs. Have a look at these hit family board games for inspiration on how you and your family can spend your Bonfire Night.

Bush Tucker Trial Game – £12.99

This Bush Tucker Game is sure to be a huge hit with the children and create plenty of laughs and memories. Team up and battle it out in this creepy-crawly challenge for a fun activity.

Grafix Big Box Of Craft –  £4.99

Get creative with your children with this Grafix Big Box of Craft for a fun indoor activity after the fireworks. You can create your very own images of firework displays with the colourful contents of this children’s craft set.

Include all of these into your Bonfire Night plans this year ans you are sure to have the best Guy Fawkes celebration yet! How are you spending your Bonfire Night this year? We would love to hear your best Bonfire Night traditions via Instagram or Facebook – Happy Guy Fawkes from all of us at TJ Hughes!