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Black Friday is just around the corner and we are all getting ready to hit the shops in hope for the bargain of the year! Whether you are someone who is at the front of the queue awaiting the store opening this Friday, or you’re more likely to surf the web to take a look at the deals – we have the biggest Black Friday Hacks for 2019 to get you ahead of the game!

Get Your Research In!

Many businesses release hints on their upcoming Black Friday offers in the week running up to the main event. Make sure you are searching through the internet for offers to prepare for yourself for the Black Friday sale, to ensure you’re first in line and you don’t miss out.

Chances are, you will go into Black Friday with some idea about what you are looking for. Are you going to finally replace your faulty vacuum and looking to snag a bargain this Black Friday? Perhaps you are more concerned with topping up your winter wardrobe and hitting the clothing shops? Whatever you desire this Black Friday, make sure you are in-the-know about the offers which are available on the products you are looking for! If you have your sights set on everything from homeware, electricals and beauty products – keep up to date with the TJ Hughes Black Friday offers through our social media channels!

Get Tech Savvy

Many people consider Black Friday to be strictly in stores and to only join in on the internet activity when Cyber Monday hits. Originally, Black Friday was a day of madness in major stores – but times have definitely changed.

Black Friday has spread from America and grew in popularity within the UK. Some brands (including TJ Hughes) run their Black Friday offers across a weekend to give shoppers more time – it’s a lot less intense than it used to be back in the day of fist fights over the last TV in a store. Be more tech-smart this year and leave the busy shops to the amateurs, as Black Friday can be just as enjoyable and beneficial from your laptop or smart phone! In fact, some businesses (including us) run Black Friday offers exclusively available online, so keep an eye out for those!

Be Vigilant!

Yes, Black Friday is on pay day this year and when the bigger brands such as Apple start shouting about Black Friday it can get a little exciting. However, in all of the chaos be sure to ask yourself ‘is this really a good deal?’ as you may be blind-sided. Our advice to you for this Black Friday would be to stick to budget-shopping and try to avoid the expensive brands (if you can) as although the product is labelled with Black Friday and there is money off, you could still end up spending a fortune on something you don’t particularly need.

Keep a budget and stick to the stores known for good discounts because chances are, designer labels are not going to slice their prices in half. That being said, you can grab the big names at heavily discounted prices at TJ Hughes with discounts up to 70% off in our Black Friday sale – so if designer labels are your thing, you can grab a real bargain here.

Thinking Ahead…

Black Friday is known for chaotic madness as everyone wants to ensure they’re grabbing those deals before they’re gone. Preparation is always key to a big sale, and it sometimes brings extra rewards!

Now you’ve thought about what brands you want to shop for this Black Friday, start making accounts to their websites. Not only will this make the checkout process quicker to prevent the product from getting away, you may also be first in the know for their major Black Friday deals if you are subscribed to their mailing list.

Feeling prepared? Let the countdown begin! If you are eager to start your Black Friday preparation now, be sure to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our Mailing List and you’re sure to be the first to hear about our amazing offers and secret online deals!

Shop the TJ Hughes Black Friday event here and in stores, live from Thursday 28th November – Monday 2nd December…

Happy Black Friday-ing!