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On the 1st of January our New Year’s Resolutions seem like the stepping stones to a ‘new you’. By the 7th January, many of us are starting to feel the pinch. The cupboards full of Christmas chocolate are starting to call us back, and the thought of heading to the gym on a cold, wet morning just doesn’t seem worth it. So how can you make sure that you stick to your guns and see your resolutions through till the end?

If you’re feeling that mid-month slump and want a little extra motivation to ensure you hit your targets, we’ve found 7 ways that you can kickstart your energy and start making progress. From starting small to ensuring you’re always surrounded with the support and equipment you need, we’re here to make sure you achieve your 2017 goals.

Make your resolutions manageable

Deciding to run 5 marathons this year when you’re yet to buy a pair of running shoes could be a recipe for disaster. Of course, it’s great to dream big, but when it comes to fitness a more realistic goal will give you the motivation you need to keep pushing. If you’re new to the gym or you’re planning on starting your fitness journey at home, write down a list of targets you want to hit after 1, 2 and 3 months. This could be anything from running around the block without getting out of breath, to being able to confidently run 5k in without stopping. Manageably monthly goals will help keep you on track as you build up your strength and stamina, plus being able to tick them off as you go will be a great motivation boost!

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A little extra help:  The NHS Couch to 5k plan is a great resource for new runners. Download the podcasts to your phone and get those running shoes ready.

Keep a Diary


Writing down your progress, successes and challenges will help you look back and reflect on what you can do to reach your goals. Whether you jot everything down in a notebook or record it on your smartphone, it’s a great way to keep track of everything you’ve been doing and pick up on any trends or pitfalls that you might be facing. If you love getting creative, why not take this opportunity to create your very own fitness board? Track your food intake, ensure you’re getting enough water and plan your exercise sessions out for a whole week. Being able to tick things off will give you that great sense of achievement and an extra push to complete everything you’re promised you would do.

Don’t get caught short

It’s so easy to cancel plans if you’ve managed to forget the essentials. This could be ‘forgetting’ to put your trainers in your bag for your after work gym session, or leaving your healthy packed lunch in the fridge when you’re heading into the office. Planning ahead is important, whether it’s having emergency sportswear in your car at all times, or keeping some emergency snacks in your desk drawer to help you stick to your healthy eating plan. If all else, fails – why not prepare your lunches for the whole week in advance? With handy kitchen gadgets such as blenders and slow cookers readily available, you can create all of your dishes for the week and store them in the freezer. Just set an alarm or put a post it note on the fridge to remind you to take it in!

Ask for help


It’s always easier to achieve your goals if you have people around you to support and help push you that extra mile! Whether you can find a gym buddy or you can find a local running group of class that you can attend, the solidarity and support that you will get from others trying to reach their targets will work wonders. If you’re starting a healthy eating regime, why not invite your friends round for a night of home cooking?

Have fun!

The most important thing to remember when setting yourself goals and resolutions is to incorporate something that you enjoy! If you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning to hit the treadmill, chances are you won’t last longer than a few weeks. If you decide to add some fun fitness workouts or classes into the mix, you may find yourself looking forward to your week of exercise. Whether it’s yoga, an upbeat Zumba class or a long walk with the dog, there’s plenty of options available for you to choose from. If you prefer to do your exercise in the house, you can also find a wide range of equipment to help you achieve your goal. We love the WonderCore, designed to target your entire core and create your own cardio workout at home. It’s portable and folds away quickly and easily, ideal for those with smaller spaces!


Reward yourself


Don’t forget to reward yourself for all of the great progress you’ve made! Hitting one of your set targets is fantastic achievement and one that should be celebrated. Obviously, we’re not saying you should go out and undo all of your hard work – so why not use rewards that are related to your goals? Catching up with a friend after a gym session and having a well deserved coffee, or even treating yourself to some brand new sportswear. We’ve picked some of our favourite cheap branded sportswear for men and women, perfect for a pick me up treat!

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