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As the COVID-19 crisis is continuing to unfold around the world, checking the news and scrolling through social media timelines has become an addiction for many, as we are met with terrifying headlines, conflicting advice and more uncertainty.

Amongst the doom and gloom though, are some nuggets of joy with kind people around the world helping at-risk neighbours, those in quarantine in Italy singing from their balconies to keep a sense of ‘togetherness’, and thousands of #ViralKindness stories that have done the rounds on social media.

With many of us now being advised or choosing to practice social distancing, for the time being, it is likely we will all be spending a lot more time in our homes. For many people, this may feel daunting, and so we wanted to shine a little light on some tried and tested ways of lifting your spirits when everything feels so uncertain. 

1. Practice yoga at home

Not being able to get out to your usual gym is rather frustrating, but don’t let it stop you from maintaining your fitness routine. There are thousands of home workouts available on YouTube and Instagram, and while a sweaty HIIT workout is fantastic for getting those feel-good endorphins going, a relaxing yoga session at home (or in your garden) is sure to help you unwind and feel grounded. Yoga has countless health benefits and is well known to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Give it a try!

2. Learn to meditate

Have you been meaning to get into meditation? Do you think it’s not for you? The practice of meditation has some hippy-dippy connotations, but in reality, it is just learning how to focus on your breath and quieten the voices in your mind. There really is no better time than now to give it a go. Remember, it takes practice, and you will get the hang of it eventually. Quieting your mind during this uncertain time could be really beneficial for your mental health. We highly recommend starting with a guided meditation, perhaps using an app such as Calm or Insight Timer. Give it a try, it’s honestly life-changing!

3. Embrace extra family time

Write a list as a family of all the fun things you want to do now you’ll have some extra time together. Keeping a positive mindset about this is key, not only for you but for the whole family. Perhaps you can make time for some crafts, making playdough or slime, or having a regular family games night? Perhaps you can all burn off some energy in the garden by making an obstacle course or building a den? Or maybe it’s the perfect opportunity to re-watch all the Harry Potter films and snuggle on the sofa.  

4. Keep a structure to your days

If you are asked to work from home or have to due to schools being closed, it may help you to keep a structure to your day. While it’s lovely to not have to rush out of the door to beat the traffic, it is a good idea to still get up at a similar time every morning and to have some sort of plan for the day. It will help to keep a sense of normality for everyone in your household. 

5. Take time for yourself 

Make space for some quality time alone. Enjoy a relaxing bath with all of your favourite candles, bath products, music and a great book. Try some new recipes, pamper yourself, or even learn a language. There has never been a better time to try a new home-based hobby, so why not embrace it?

6. Stay connected

Human connection is key for keeping positive in uncertain times. Be sure to have regular calls and Facetime with friends and relatives. Regularly check in on elderly, less-able or isolated neighbours, friends and strangers who may need some help or just a friendly chat. 

Please share your ideas for keeping positive in the comments below. 

Best wishes,

Team TJ’s x