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When it comes to garden décor, simply mowing the lawn every couple of weeks just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially if you want your garden or outdoor space to be an entertainment or relaxation area with lots of interesting features. With the increasing demand for fire pits, outdoor heating and al fresco dining, the pursuit of a pristine lawn and blooming flowerbeds is going to take a little more time and preparation this year! One of the main issues most of us face when it comes to making the most out of your outdoor space is the size and shape of it. If you have a small patio area, backyard, or tiny garden, here are five cost-effective and easy ways to make your small garden look bigger and better than ever before.

#1 Light Up Your Outdoor Space with Solar Lights

From colour-changing lanterns that can line your flowerbeds, to pretty flower LED string lights, solar lighting can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your outdoor space. After an afternoon of grilling burgers and sizzling sausages, when the sun begins to set, solar lights can help to transform your outdoor space into an enchanting glen. To make your outdoor space look bigger, give the illusion of depth and height by pairing garden ornaments that feature solar lighting, such as our adorable Solar Frog or Asian Buddha head, in the corners of the garden that are the furthest away from your back door. Then adorn trees, bushes or fences with string lights to draw the eye from the twinkling corners of your garden to the tallest areas to emphasise the space you do have.

#2 Create Outdoor Seating with Bistro Sets

One practical and cost effective way to not only make your outdoor space look bigger than it is, but also to actually make the most out of the space you do have, is to invest in a bistro set. Having somewhere to sit and enjoy a morning coffee during the summer, or perhaps a glass of wine after a long day at work, will give you the opportunity to make use of your outdoor space, as well as making great use of the available space. A bistro set from TJ Hughes, such as the LED 3 piece bistro set, will give you somewhere to sit and relax, or entertain friends and family. The LED table will illuminate your evening, lighting up your patio or garden and adding some drama to your garden. Or why not choose our 3 piece rattan bistro set, perfect for al fresco dining during the warmer months.

#3 Fake it with Artificial Grass

If you don’t have grass or don’t fancy the upkeep of a green space, why not pick up some low maintenance artificial grass from TJ Hughes. The beauty of artificial grass when it comes to making your garden appear bigger than it is, is that you can cover almost any area. Whether you fancy covering unsightly stone or paving flags or you want to give the illusion of more space by covering steps as well as a neglected lawn or patio, artificial grass will give your outdoor space an instant face lift.

#4 Trim Back the Hedges

One of the quickest ways of making your outdoor area look spacious could be by getting to grips with a hedge trimmer. The trusty garden companion will help you to trim back any overgrown bushes from around the edges of your garden, freeing up more space as you go and opening up the whole area. You’ll be shocked at how quickly a plant, tree or bush can grow and begin to take up more and more space in your garden. Keeping on top of the upkeep will make your garden look well maintained and tidy. We sell a wide range of garden and outdoor electricals, so take a little look and pick up some absolute steals from TJ Hughes now.

#5 Decorate Your Garden Walls and Fences

When it comes to adding outdoor decorations, garden ornaments and water features, don’t forget about your walls and fences. These are incredible areas that can be elaborately decorated and used to make your garden or outdoor area look bigger. Choose your garden wall art carefully, as anything that will reflect the light is going to help make your garden come to life and can give the illusion of more space. Our pretty glass dragonfly and jewel LED butterfly will shine and stand out on any wall or fence, giving your outdoor space character.

For a garden or outdoor area to be proud of, shop essential garden electricals, solar lights, bistro sets and gorgeous garden ornaments at TJ Hughes now, and make sure to share your garden and outdoor pics with us on Instagram!