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Your bedroom should be one place in the world where you can escape from reality and be at peace. A soft sanctuary all to yourself, your bedroom should help to soothe your mood and make you feel at ease. March is National Bed Month and with this in mind, our experts have pieced together five Feng Shui inspired bedroom designs from our online collection of bedding, soft furnishings and candles. Based on key Feng Shui principles, we have focused our attention on five energies that you may want to bring into your home and, in particular, into your bedroom. Using the five elements of Feng Shui, wood (green and brown) fire (red, yellow, orange, purple, hot pink or warmth), earth (earthy tones), metal (white and grey) and water (blue and black), you can achieve a relaxing and tranquil place to unwind after a long day at work.

#1 Vitality

Elements: Earth & Wood

If you want to bring positive energy into your bedroom, you will need to focus on introducing earth tones and textures. This Feng Shui interior design concept uses wooden furniture to add stability, soft green fabrics to reflect foliage and fragrances of sandalwood or jasmine to create an earthy atmosphere. Keep the rest of the room light and airy so that you can flow freely through the room, like the wind.


#2 Love

Elements: Fire

Whether you’re in a relationship or you’d like to add a little romance into your life, the Love Feng Shui room design focuses on the element of fire. Adding colours such as hot pink, red or orange into your bedroom will create passion. For those who are single (and don’t want to be), make sure to have a double bed rather than a single, as this indicates that you’re open to a partner. Continue this theme by adding two bedside tables and two identical lamps to reinforce your desire for another. Be careful not to add too much of one colour, especially with fire elements, as it can be quite overpowering. Use candles and reed diffusers to add atmosphere and ensure lighting is warm and not too bright.

#3 Sleep

Elements: Metal

To create the perfect bedroom for the best night’s sleep, Feng Shui urges you to de-clutter as much as possible. Remove any dark furniture or items, and replace with white or cream alternatives to introduce the element of metal to the room. If you have loud artwork, according to Feng Shui, this needs to go. Opt for soft and comforting textures such as fluffy rugs and cotton bedding. White and cream are great choices for furniture, soft furnishing and bedding when it comes to creating the perfect place for sleep.


#4 Grounding

Elements: Earth & Wood

If you feel anxious or insecure in your life, or you’re finding it difficult to balance a busy work and life schedule, you could consider a Feng Shui Grounding bedroom design. Promoting security, nurturing properties and stability, this concept should help to calm your anxieties and promote sleep. Grounding is all about bringing in earth elements such as brown rugs, cream curtains, wooden furniture and light bedding. A strong wooden headboard is ideal as this will help you to feel strong and stable in your life. You can also add the element of water to this room design by choosing dark blue scatter cushions to balance out the earthy tones. Here we have chosen wooden clothes hangers to introduce wood, tree patterned cushions to reflect the forest, scented candles for warmth and fire, and light green bedding.

#5 Harmony

Elements: Earth, Wood, Metal, Water & Fire

The final bedroom design is a beautiful combination of all five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In this design, we have used white wooden furniture and white roses to introduce the earth and metal element to the room. Wood and water flows through the overall design of the bedroom by using light blue bedding and curtains as well as plants on either side of the bedside table. Finally the element of fire could be added by lighting a couple of candles to create an inviting atmosphere at night.

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