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A new year brings hopes, dreams and ambitions. It is time to plan for the future and make some changes for the better. When it comes to making New Year resolutions though, our goals can get slightly out of hand and we often fall off the band wagon quite early on. Here are some easy ways to stick to the most popular New Year’s resolutions in 2018:

#1 Get Fit

One of the most popular goals for people in the UK come New Year is to lose weight and get into shape. A lot of people set themselves unrealistic goals, such as going to the gym every morning without fail after spending the Christmas period glued to the sofa. This demanding and extreme goal is a bit too much to expect of yourself and it is far better to take things slow and steady. A goal of working out at least once per week for 60 minutes for the first two weeks of the New Year, slowly increasing the number of times you go to the gym, will be much easier to follow and allow your body and mind to adapt to your new lifestyle.

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#2 Eat Healthy

Whether you’re planning on following a strict diet, you want to explore the world or meal prepping or you’d like to push the ready meals and convenience food to the side and experiment with cooking from scratch, eating healthier in 2018 will be a strong focus for many households in the UK. To stay on track well into 2018, make sure that you are eating well and not depriving yourself from the odd treat every so often. When you restrict your diet and begin to rapidly reduce your daily calorie intake, you will begin to fight strong cravings and your emotions. Food has a direct impact on our mood, so if you make any dramatic changes to your diet such as skipping meals, cutting out sugar or depriving yourself from little treats every so often you will be fighting a war between your desire to be healthy and your ever-changing mood swings.

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#3 Dry January

If you’ve overindulged in alcoholic drinks over the festive period, it might be a good idea to take part in Dry January. This is a 31 day detox from alcohol starting on New Year’s Day and ending after the 31st of January and can help towards weight loss. To keep yourself from pouring a glass of wine at the end of a stressful day at work, why not pick up a couple of bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling wine from your local supermarket or a delicious cordial with sparkling water and make yourself a mocktail. Having drinks in your fridge ready for any temptation will help you to stay on track.

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#4 Get a New Job

A new year can often trigger the desire for a new career move. Finding a new position can take time and you should make sure that you are only applying for roles that you would love to do and not those which are interesting solely due to their attractive salary. To keep you on track in the New Year, make sure to reach out to recruiters in your local area and make them fully aware of what position you would be interested in and what your non-negotiables are. Non-negotiables may be that you are not willing to commute more than 30 minutes to work, you only want to work in a particular sector or that you require a minimum of 25 days holiday. If you do find a new job, be strong and make sure you are 100% happy with the new role and any benefits that may come with it, before making a final decision.

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#5 Save Money

It can be difficult to start saving money after Christmas, but even if you can put a couple of pounds to one side each week, perhaps in a jar in the kitchen cupboard, it will help you to reset your mind and become more conscious of what you’re spending your money on. A good way to start saving is to look at your personal bank statement and backdate this to 3 months. Check your salary compared to your outgoings and consider anywhere you could cut down expenses such as coffees, TV packages you don’t really use, pricey gym memberships etc. Planning what you’re saving up for is the exciting part and can really get you motivated to save. Whether it’s for a deposit for your first home, a summer holiday or a new spring wardrobe, use Pinterest to plan your 2018 goals for visual motivation.

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