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If you like to know what’s going on even when it hasn’t happened, our guide to Summer 2017 Fashion Trends will turn you into the guru of high fashion.

At TJ Hughes, we always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to new styles, so that we can look at how to keep prices down while keeping up with the latest on the scene.

To keep you, and ourselves, up to date with what’s to come in the world of fashion, we’ve researched every upcoming fashion trend, put them all together, and even thought of easy tips for helping you stay ‘en vogue’ for a fraction of the catwalk price.

Read on and be ready to dazzle in summer 2017 fashion before anyone else.

Festival summer fashion trends

Festival celebrations in Regatta outdoor clothing

From Creamfields and Glastonbury, to Greenbelt and Lovebox; summer 2017 is set to be another exciting time of arts and music festivals. Growing massively in popularity year on year, festival fashion is a market of its own and all the top designers direct at least a sample of their catwalk clothes towards outfits for these events.


A huge part of summer 2017 festival fashion will be the bralette. This fashion piece is like a small crop top or soft bra that you can now find in a huge range of fabrics, lengths, colours, and strap styles from small studded leather, to lengthy crochet knit.

But don’t fret, the trend is not to strut around in glorified underwear. Summer 2017 fashion actually puts your bralette over your clothes. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly and make this all about the bralette. They’re often not too expensive, so we say: get a plain black t-shirt, neutral relaxed jumper or white blouse like the styles you see below and build up a selection of laced, leather, patchwork, and frilled bralettes to turn an affordable outfit from ordinary to eye-catching.

Customised shirts

Comfortable, cheap and versatile; the plaid shirt is like festival uniform that you’ve probably seen plastered all over live broadcasts.

This summer, fashion will focus on putting a novel spin on the old shirt regime, so expect deconstructed shirts that make you double-take and wonder what you’re looking at.

You’ll spot lots of oversized shirts (exceptionally comfy), one-shouldered varieties, and even some odd designs featuring extra collars and sleeves! This trend is all about taking the established ways to wear a shirt and throwing them out the window. So, join in and wear an unbuttoned shirt dress over a pair of jeans or plain t-shirt to create your own take on the trend, make sure you dress-up your choice with lashings of mascara!


Don’t forget the accessories!

No festival look is complete without a pair of statement designer sunglasses, and at TJ Hughes you can get the designer look for less. Sunglasses are great if you’re lucky enough to get a glimpse of the British summertime, they’re also ideal if you’re suffering a little bit from the night before! Here are our top picks for 2017, including some classic look Lacoste aviators, some bang on trend French Connection round glasses and some statement cat eye sunglasses for those looking for that retro-glam look!

Men’s 2017 Festival Fashion

For men, the 2017 festival season is going to be all about comfort and retro sports. With the resurgence of 90’s trends for bold sports logos and retro tracksuits, we’re expecting the crowds to be full of nostalgia. Ensure you keep comfortable during the day with plenty of layers, we recommend pairing a cool Converse logo t-shirt with a tracksuit jacket during the day, before topping up with a lined men’s jacket for extra warmth on the evening.

If you’re lucky enough to escape the mud, a sturdy pair of trainers is a must! Stay with the retro sports look with a pair of Ellesse Low Lace Up trainers, or everyone’s favourite festival shoe – the Converse All Star! Find your perfect pair in our men’s footwear collection, with cheap men’s trainers with massive savings on RRP.

Caravan/Camping Getaways

Camping group in Regatta outdoor clothing

You’ve probably booked at least a few days or weeks off during the summer to enjoy our best season. Whether you’re off with camping with the kids or looking to enjoy the nice weather with a caravan break with friends, we haven’t forgotten about what you need to wear when you’re out and about.

Sporty gear

From running leggings under flowery shirts, to a fencing theme that really put a sporty spin on the runway, some of the world’s top designers have taken sport and ran with it in their trends for summer 2017 fashion.

Our favourite has to be Versace, which put its models in crystallised anoraks and tracky tops that weirdly actually did look both practical and ultra chic. Although we can’t claim to have encrusted sportswear in our selection, we do have a fantastic selection of outerwear and essential layers from top outdoor brand, Regatta. From full length Regatta parka jackets that are perfect for those long walks through the countryside, to stylish micro fleeces and Regatta hoodies that will keep you warm as you relax and enjoy the views from your pitch, Regatta clothing looks great and protects you from the elements!

Summer nights out fashion trends

If you’re like us and wait for nine months of the year to enjoy a few light nights and warm evenings; then you need to put yourself out there in style when they arrive. Summer 2017 fashion is set to be a lot of things, including restorer of the 1980s and resurrector of fashion’s most controversial footwear…

The 80s are back

You might think you’d never see it again, but it appears that this iconic decade is going to come roaring back as one of 2017’s biggest summer fashion trends. Straight leg trousers like the pair below with waists nipped in by thick belts, Dynasty-esque shoulders and crystal earrings, high stilettos propping up Spandex leggings, and striking vintage brooches on blazer lapels are going to pack our bars and restaurants this summer.


Try a sweetheart neckline dress made from soft velvet to own the dancefloor in comfort and style, or look for a puffball sleeve blouse to wear with a pair of smart, straight-leg trousers in black or stone for a more formal night out at a fancy restaurant or cocktail lounge.


One for the fabric scene, summer 2017 is going to put sheer, nearly see-through, lightweight tulle at the forefront of its choices. Get the image of Kim Kardashian’s infamous ‘naked dress’ out of your mind, this is certainly not what we mean. Tulle tops, skirts and dresses are going to be loose and layered (more layers for more cover up) which makes this trend ideal for both daring dressers and those with a more coy approach to fashion.

We’re thinking: a tulle shirt or blouse over a pair of flared, straight-leg or cord jeans for the ‘I-look-amazing-but-I-haven’t-tried’ appearance. Or really make the trend your own with a full tulle dress, smart jacket and high heels.

Barbecue and garden party summer fashion trends


Firing up the barbecue or heading round a friend’s house for a casual garden party are two things in our summer calendar we always look forward to when the season is upon us. Until we have to think about what we’re going to wear, of course.

What’s everyone else wearing? Will it rain? How warm will it be? Is it comfy enough to wear all day? All vital questions to consider when choosing a barbecue or garden party outfit, and thankfully, all questions that the top fashion designers have considered when steering their designs towards summer fashion 2017.

Nature’s posers

Constantly in and out of fashion, we have it on good authority that floral is most certainly back as a summer 2017 fashion trend. And by floral, we mean full flower power explosion.

Throughout spring and summer 2017, you’re sure to see big, bold and colourful flower patterns completely covering every inch of the garment. No sleeve or collar will be safe, as this year’s flower fashion trend takes on an almost Seventies’ look that will make it one of the most attention-kidnapping fashion movements of the season.

Wear a floral dress with some nice sandals and we promise you’ll feel cool and comfy all day long. You can always take along a cardi with you for when the party moves into the evening.

Khaki galore

Sticking with the nature/earthy theme somewhat, the colour khaki is another upcoming fashion trend to bear in mind when choosing your wardrobe. Khaki activewear like this parka, long sleeve khaki tee and the essential relaxed t-shirt will be a popular choice due to its cool, uniform, near-neutral, and versatile appeal that makes it easy to mix and match with other shades.

Barbecues are typically pretty casual, so this colour gives you that touch of en vogue while still not looking like you’ve tried too hard!

We hope you liked reading up on what’s next in summer 2017 fashion as much as we did researching it. To stay on trend for less cost this year, take a look through our women’s clothing and accessories.