Top 20 Toy Trends for 2019

It’s officially the run-up Christmas and if you are a parent, you will certainly know about it! Suddenly, there are a billion new toys released and your child wants every single one of them.  Unless you are a millionaire and have all the time in the world to shop until you drop, you will be looking for the best toys for your children that are worth the money and hype. We’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of the Top 20 Toy Trends for 2019!... Read More


The Top Toy Trends of 2018 Revealed

From Selfie Microphones to Car Simulators, Hoverboards and not forgetting Elf on the Shelf – the Toy Trends of 2018 Revealed There is nothing more exciting than Christmas as a child. Creeping down the stairs at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, eagerly checking to see what Santa has left behind. Once the gifts are unwrapped, it’s a busy morning of playing with and trying out your brand-new toys. Although this has been a tradition for many, many years, toy trends develop and change every year. Here are our... Read More