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Back To School Routines & Tips

As the start of September rolls around, the new school year is upon us. While some of us may be craving the routine and order the school day brings, for many it’s an exhausting few weeks as we adjust to the early starts and long days. For many though, the start of the new term is an opportunity to get organised and implement new routines to make the relentless life admin (cooking, cleaning, ironing, morning routines, homework!) more efficient and to make more time for fun and relaxation. Read on... Read More


Food with Soul: Soul Food Recipes to get your teeth into

Originally an immigrant cuisine, soul food dishes are known to fuse together a fantastic range of flavours, mainly paying homage to the culinary traditions of West Africa, Western Europe and the Americas. With the right tools and equipment, you can make hearty, flavourful soul food dishes at home in no time at all, meaning you’re enjoying meals that are not only bursting with excitement, but are nutritious and super easy to make. Here are some simple, tummy warming Southern food dishes for you to try your hand at and succeed... Read More


Soup-er Simple Recipes for a Quick Winter Warmer

With January in full swing, the weather getting colder and bank balances a little on the low side, it can be pretty hard to stay positive and enjoy the beginning of the year. After slightly overindulging during the Christmas festivities, you might have decided that enough is enough and you’re ready to start being a little cleaner with your eating, to get you back to looking and feeling nourished and energised. TJ Hughes have started the year with some fantastic products in their kitchen and dining ranges that will help... Read More


Quick and Easy Winter Warming Dinner Ideas

There’s something about long, cold and dark winter nights that have us craving nothing other than a big, warming bowl of homemade comfort food. However, with short evenings, work-filled days and chaotic family life, the thought of cooking homemade food from scratch after a hard day in the office can have us running to the microwave meal or freezer aisle for a quick and easy teatime fix. However, there are some super easy, great value, homemade dinners that can be thrown together in a matter of minutes, for a nutritious... Read More

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Prepare Your Kitchen for the Return of the Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is back but is your kitchen ready for the weeks of pastries, cupcakes, tray bakes and divine, delicious creations? Let TJ Hughes help you prepare your kitchen with affordable bakeware and kitchen essentials. What challenges do we expect the contestants to face this year? Last year, contestants were faced with a sticky toffee apple cake challenge, a molten chocolate pudding technical challenge and for the final, bakers were given a signature challenge which required contestants to bake a batch of 12 small loaves, featuring different... Read More


Incredible food you can cook outside that aren’t burgers

Nothing quite says ‘summer’ like a freshly cooked burger, straight from the BBQ. But, burgers and hotdogs can get a little old quite quickly, especially if we’re enjoying an extended warm spell. Luckily there’s a whole host of incredible food that you can cook on an outdoor grill that the whole family will love. So, make the most of this Great British summertime by cooking up some of our favourite BBQ delicacies. Garlic Grilled Clams Seafood, especially shellfish, is a true BBQ delight – and so easy to cook. Simply... Read More

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5 Things You Can Grow Without a Garden

One of our favourite sayings is, “plant seeds and grow dreams”, but how can you do this without a garden? In the UK, there are plenty of ways to grow your own food without the need for a garden or outside space. Delicious fruit and vegetables can be grown in a number of remarkably easy and innovative ways. So here are five things you can grow without a garden. Strawberries The taste of British summertime, strawberries are perfect for salads, healthy snacks or to enjoy drizzled in chocolate sauce. You... Read More


3 meal prep ideas that take under 30 minutes

Meal prep is designed to make eating healthily as quick and effortless as fast food, saving you stress, money and precious time over the course of the week. However, if you find yourself spending your whole Sunday afternoon slaving over the cooker, meal-prepping can start to seem like more of a chore than a life hack. So, in order to bring the ease and efficiency back to meal-prepping, here are three tasty, nutritious eats that take under half an hour to make. Meal Prep: Quick skillet chicken, rice, and steam... Read More


5 Recipes to Help Lift Your Mood in January

#1 Dark Chocolate Yes, it may well be January and many people are back at the gym, but the benefits of dark chocolate certainly make it a delicious indulgence to have every so often. Dark chocolate is full of organic compounds that are biologically active and function as antioxidants. Some studies have found that dark chocolate may have more antioxidant properties than blueberries. Recipe: Dark Chocolate Fridge Cake Take a mug of dried fruit and in a small bowl, pour over 100ml of fresh orange juice. Microwave for 2 minutes.... Read More