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Back To School Routines & Tips

As the start of September rolls around, the new school year is upon us. While some of us may be craving the routine and order the school day brings, for many it’s an exhausting few weeks as we adjust to the early starts and long days. For many though, the start of the new term is an opportunity to get organised and implement new routines to make the relentless life admin (cooking, cleaning, ironing, morning routines, homework!) more efficient and to make more time for fun and relaxation. Read on... Read More


The Top Toy Trends of 2018 Revealed

From Selfie Microphones to Car Simulators, Hoverboards and not forgetting Elf on the Shelf – the Toy Trends of 2018 Revealed There is nothing more exciting than Christmas as a child. Creeping down the stairs at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, eagerly checking to see what Santa has left behind. Once the gifts are unwrapped, it’s a busy morning of playing with and trying out your brand-new toys. Although this has been a tradition for many, many years, toy trends develop and change every year. Here are our... Read More

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Prepare Your Kitchen for the Return of the Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is back but is your kitchen ready for the weeks of pastries, cupcakes, tray bakes and divine, delicious creations? Let TJ Hughes help you prepare your kitchen with affordable bakeware and kitchen essentials. What challenges do we expect the contestants to face this year? Last year, contestants were faced with a sticky toffee apple cake challenge, a molten chocolate pudding technical challenge and for the final, bakers were given a signature challenge which required contestants to bake a batch of 12 small loaves, featuring different... Read More


How to Master the New School Year

We give you all the tips and tricks you need to master the new school year as a family. From easy breakfast smoothie ideas for busy parents to easy iron uniforms and cool backpacks, come the new school term, your family will be transformed. Fast and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is especially important with little ones who need energy to stay alert and absorb all the information they’re being taught at school. Hunger has an impact on the ability to concentrate... Read More


How to survive the Summer Holidays

So, it’s the summer holidays. Routines are out of the window, the kids have said they’re bored about 20 times a day since the beginning of the week (but won’t listen to any of your ‘fun’ suggestions), you haven’t had a minute’s peace and the house looks like no one has tidied up since Christmas. Sound familiar? Whilst the summer holidays can be filled with exciting family plans and warm(ish) weather as everyone enjoys a bit of time off, there are usually weeks where there isn’t an awful lot going... Read More


How to Give Your Kids Time Out from Tech

Building Social Skills Without a Screen Technology is an incredible aid to education but there are some things that it can’t substitute. Human interaction for instance is key to childhood development. Learning basic social skills at a young age helps children to develop valuable and meaningful relationships, both in their family unit and outside of it. Spending quality time together as a family is one way of helping young children to learn and understand body language, tone of voice and social skills and one way of incorporating this into a... Read More


Back to School Cheat Sheet for parents

The new school term is just around the corner, so we’ve created a simple Back to School Cheat Sheet for parents, to help prepare you and your kids, for the first day back at school. School Uniform Essentials   Getting your kids ready in the morning is a challenge in itself, without having to search for a missing school tie. Making sure that you have spare school uniform essentials will make your life a whole lot easier in the mornings. TJ Hughes offers a range of school uniform essentials at... Read More