Incredible food you can cook outside that aren’t burgers

Nothing quite says ‘summer’ like a freshly cooked burger, straight from the BBQ. But, burgers and hotdogs can get a little old quite quickly, especially if we’re enjoying an extended warm spell. Luckily there’s a whole host of incredible food that you can cook on an outdoor grill that the whole family will love. So, make the most of this Great British summertime by cooking up some of our favourite BBQ delicacies. Garlic Grilled Clams Seafood, especially shellfish, is a true BBQ delight – and so easy to cook. Simply... Read More

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5 Things You Can Grow Without a Garden

One of our favourite sayings is, “plant seeds and grow dreams”, but how can you do this without a garden? In the UK, there are plenty of ways to grow your own food without the need for a garden or outside space. Delicious fruit and vegetables can be grown in a number of remarkably easy and innovative ways. So here are five things you can grow without a garden. Strawberries The taste of British summertime, strawberries are perfect for salads, healthy snacks or to enjoy drizzled in chocolate sauce. You... Read More


How to Give Your Kids Time Out from Tech

Building Social Skills Without a Screen Technology is an incredible aid to education but there are some things that it can’t substitute. Human interaction for instance is key to childhood development. Learning basic social skills at a young age helps children to develop valuable and meaningful relationships, both in their family unit and outside of it. Spending quality time together as a family is one way of helping young children to learn and understand body language, tone of voice and social skills and one way of incorporating this into a... Read More


Cheat Your Way to Your Own Royal Garden Party

Summer is just around the corner and preparations are in full swing for the royal wedding on the 19th of May 2018, but how can you cheat your way to a royal garden party? Here at TJ Hughes, we have plenty of discounted garden furniture and pretty garden decorations to help you to transform your garden or backyard for less than you thought possible. Make Meghan Markle green with envy and Harry hoping for an invite to your royal garden party with a little help from TJ Hughes. Royal Garden... Read More


5 Ways to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

When it comes to garden décor, simply mowing the lawn every couple of weeks just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially if you want your garden or outdoor space to be an entertainment or relaxation area with lots of interesting features. With the increasing demand for fire pits, outdoor heating and al fresco dining, the pursuit of a pristine lawn and blooming flowerbeds is going to take a little more time and preparation this year! One of the main issues most of us face when it comes to making the most... Read More