January 2018


5 Recipes to Help Lift Your Mood in January

#1 Dark Chocolate Yes, it may well be January and many people are back at the gym, but the benefits of dark chocolate certainly make it a delicious indulgence to have every so often. Dark chocolate is full of organic compounds that are biologically active and function as antioxidants. Some studies have found that dark chocolate may have more antioxidant properties than blueberries. Recipe: Dark Chocolate Fridge Cake Take a mug of dried fruit and in a small bowl, pour over 100ml of fresh orange juice. Microwave for 2 minutes.... Read More


2018 New Year Resolutions & How to Stick to Them

A new year brings hopes, dreams and ambitions. It is time to plan for the future and make some changes for the better. When it comes to making New Year resolutions though, our goals can get slightly out of hand and we often fall off the band wagon quite early on. Here are some easy ways to stick to the most popular New Year’s resolutions in 2018: #1 Get Fit One of the most popular goals for people in the UK come New Year is to lose weight and get... Read More

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New Year, New You

The Festive season is becoming a distant memory, and it’s a New Year, so let’s throw out the old you with the discarded wrapping paper. It’s time to think about yourself and not everyone else for a change. Over indulgence has taken its toll on us all; late nights, partying and too much alcohol and rich food, leaving us with dull skin and style damaged hair! We will all be thinking of holidays before we know it. So get the year off to a good start with some great products... Read More