At TJ Hughes we have a huge range of board games for you to choose from, so you should never find yourself with a dull moment! You can choose from all kinds of games at TJ Hughes, from classics to modern wonders that will keep all ages entertained for hours.

If you’re looking for board games for a children’s party or simply to keep your kids amused, why not choose games like Hungry Hippos or Connect 4? These games can be played for hours before your kids will get bored of them, and they are likely to become favourites very quickly! Other table top games like Kerplunk and Operation are also guaranteed to please.

We have lots of Hasbro games (formerly MB Games) that are always popular with kids and adults alike, such as Cluedo and Monopoly. These games would be perfect for a rainy day inside and can be enjoyed by the whole family for something fun to do.

If you’ll be holding a party and are looking for a way to keep your guests entertained, buy Twister from TJ Hughes to mix things up a bit and get everyone in a twist!

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