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Beds & Bedding

Everyone knows it is important to have a good quality, comfortable bed if you are going to get a good night’s sleep. If you are tossing and turning you will find it difficult to drop off and may be unable to get the eight hours you need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the new day.

Luckily, here at TJ Hughes we have a varied range of cheap beds for you to choose from, offering style and comfort as well as value to those of you who need some new furniture in your home, but do not want to pay over the odds.

Not only will our extensive range of beds have you drifting off into a comfortable and restful sleep, but they will add a touch of style to your bedroom. Whether you have recently redecorated or it’s simply time to replace an old and tired bed, you’ll find something at TJ Hughes.

Our wide choice of double beds means you will be spoilt for choice when choosing new furniture. If space is a bit of an issue, why not select one of our products with storage space included underneath? These are ideal for people who live in flats or small houses and do not have enough cupboards. Alternatively, those of you with a bit more space could go for one of our impressive faux leather beds, some of which come with a TV built in at the end if you like to relax and watch your favourite shows in bed at the weekend.

We also have a great selection of single beds for people who are especially short on space or have children that need somewhere new to sleep. It is just as important for youngsters to get plenty of rest as it is adults and a good bed with a quality mattress is essential for this.

Whether you want a traditional wooden design or something a little more modern, there is bound to be something that suits at TJ Hughes.